Halfway Home

Bad Touch

Nowadays, it's a period where the past and future meets on Metal/Rock scene. Throwing out […]
May 11, 2015
Bad Touch - Halfway Home album cover

Nowadays, it's a period where the past and future meets on Metal/Rock scene. Throwing out all Dolly Metal clones (they have nothing to offer, being a copy of anything we already know), the older formulas are presented along with new tendencies. And in the case of bands like the English quintet BAD TOUCH, they present a very good work on "Halfway Home".

On this album, you'll find that same old and good Rock'n'Roll, with a great influence of Blues and Soul Music, in the vein of those bands we watched in the 60s and 70s, with no individual technical exhibition. No, here the thing is solid, strong and powerful, without cloning any band. Of course you'll feel the influence of LED ZEPPELIN, THE WHO, CREAM and other names in this vein, where Rock, Blues, Soul and other sound tendencies that make our minds travel to the past. But of course they have a personal way of doing their work, and the final result is a good set of good songs, with great amounts of melody and catching musical arrangements. With fine vocals, good work done on guitars (a very strong and bluesy feeling is presented on riffs and solos), bass and drums creating a god rhythmic basis to their music, along with some moments where a harmonica is presented. Yes, their music is extremely catching!

Even on sound production, we can feel a try to sound the most near of those times. But don't get the wrong idea, my dear reader: the sound quality is good and clear, with all musical instruments in good tunes and on their due places.

Their songs are all fine, but the best ones from this album (just a beginning, for after, you'll be hooked to it) are the fine "Wise Water" (very good arrangements on guitars and fine vocals), the bluesy/Rock'n'Roll touch on "New Day" (an accessible song, with fine job done on bass and drums), the introspective and full of a Blues atmosphere "Half Way Home" (on solos and riffs, the Blues/Rock feeling is extremely clear), and the strong and heavy "Sweet Little Secret". But as "Big Daddy" said: the album is very good from the beginning to the end, so hear and become addicted!

Very good work!<

8 / 10


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"Halfway Home" Track-listing:

1. Wise Water
2. Waste My Time
3. New Day
4. Half Way Home
5. Motherload
6. Preacher
7. Something Someone
8. Sweet Little Secret
9. No Excuse
10. Good on Me
11. Words I Never Said

Bad Touch Lineup:

Stevie - Vocals
Rob G. - Lead Guitar
Seeks - Guitar
Bailey - Bass
George - Drums

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