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The Brazilian Metal bands, in the earlier years of the scene (the first half of […]
January 26, 2019
Azul Limão - Imortal album cover

The Brazilian Metal bands, in the earlier years of the scene (the first half of the 80's), focused to create lyrics on Brazilian Portuguese, and many names from those days are well known throughout the world. From the city of Rio de Janeiro, AZUL LIMÃO has become a great cult band, because "Vingança" (their first album) has a strong appeal, Unfortunately, it came to the world a bit late, for the things were turning, and extreme Metal bands took over. But now, after some years of hiatus, the quartet is back, releasing their third album, "Imortal".

What's the quartet has to offer with "Imortal"? Well, some changes occurred, for now, on the vocals is Renato "Captain Caveman" Trevas and on drums is André Delacroix (both former members of METALMORPHOSE). Marcos Dantas (guitars) and Vinícius Matias (bass guitar) are founding members, and the alchemy between the four kept the same Hard 'n' Heavy Metal full of energy and charming melodies that AZUL LIMÃO plays since its origins, with strong influences from the bands of the 70s and early NWOBHM names as well. So we can say that the same old spirit of the 80s pulses on each track of the album, and the longtime fans will love it.

On the sound quality, we can say that "Imortal" shows a great work. The band is playing their same old and good style, but using the modern technologies of studios. So we can say it's clean, but heavy and organic due the simple instrumental tunes the band uses. So it blends the best of the past and present together, leaving no space for complains. And what a lovely and beautiful artwork created by Sledgehammer Graphix.

The ten tracks of "Imortal" are excellent, turning the album homogeneous in terms of quality. But "Guerreiros do Metal" (a vibrant and energetic song, being aggressive and melodic at the same time, showing great guitars and vocals), "Nada Pode Me Parar" (a heavier song, with tempos not so fast, and a solid work from bass guitar and drums), "Sexta-Feira à Noite" (an 80's typical Hard 'n' Heavy song, with charming melodies and a great influence from 70's Classic Rock), "Mentiras" (another song with a Classic Rock touch, and bits of Blues/Rock appearing in many moments), "No Ar Rarefeito" (a slower song with many introspective moments, and another great moment from the guitars), and "Imortal" (A typical AZUL LIMÃO song, with all the musical elements that gave the quartet of cult band, with a positive atmosphere and hypnotic melodies).

"Imortal" marks a new beginning for AZUL LIMÃO, and I hope the band will keep going on from now on, because they still have a lot of good music to offer to the world. And by the way, you can hear it on Spotify:

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Imortal" Track-listing:

1. Guerreiros do Metal
2. Nada Pode Me Parar
3. Paranormal
4. O Último Trem
5. Sexta-Feira à Noite
6. Quem Vai Nos Salvar?
7. Mentiras
8. No Ar Rarefeito
9. Dois a Dois
10. Imortal

Azul Limão Lineup:

Trevas - Vocals
Marcos Dantas - Guitars
Vinícius Mathias - Bass
André Delacroix - Drums

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