Surrounded by Decay


Musical conceptions change from time to time, it's a feature deeply linked to human race. […]
May 31, 2019
Axecuter - Surrounded by Decay album cover

Musical conceptions change from time to time, it's a feature deeply linked to human race. Today, there are two different sets of bands: the ones who choose to work in a modern outfit, and others that prefer to play in old School models. In the last case, the things became pretty eroded due the invasion of bands playing old genres (that were already eroded by time and use), but there are those that make something really good, as the Brazilian trio AXECUTER, from the city Curitiba (Paraná), and their second album, "Surrounded by Decay", is really a very good work.

In their past works, their music was based on a Thrash Metal outfit from the 80's, more precisely on German School (namely SODOM and KREATOR), but now, they evolved, putting some melodies from German Heavy/Power Metal School on their songs, along with influences from crude Rock 'n' Roll (MOTÖRHEAD is a reference). Obviously they use all those old (and good) clichés from the past, but as the band evolved, they are showing their personality and a thunderous energy, and even some refined technical moments (as the bass guitar parts on "Rise and Fall", and some double bass drums). Yes, it's very good, and really addictive. Their secret: the sound production. Going on a different way from the greater parts of Old School Metal bands, with Ivan Pellicciotti taking care of the production, "Surrounded by Decay" uses a clean and even modern sound quality, bearing organic instrumental tunes. Everything is on its due place, sounding with the right volume level, but guided by the need to have some organic features as well.

As the sound became clean (and not moldy as many love to sound), their musical work improved, and "Rise and Fall" (a very good and aggressive song, showing very good guitar riffs, but with bass guitar showing its excellent technique), "Separate Ways" (a slower song with great work from drums), the fast song "Darkness in Bottles" (an excellent song to shake the head, filled with good vocals in the vein of old KREATOR), "Darwin Was Right" (showing a dirty Rock 'n' Roll in the vein of MOTÖRHEAD, but with a German Thrash Metal outfit), and "Passage Back to Hell" (a long song, with changes of rhythm, a total different outfit of what they did before, with excellent heavy ambiances) are proof that the trio is one of the strongest names in Old School Metal from the Brazilian scene.

AXECUTER is now up to great flights, and "Surrounded by Decay" will take them to another level for sure. And the album can be heard on their Bandcamp page:

8 / 10









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"Surrounded by Decay" Track-listing:

1. Surrounded by Decay
2. Rise and Fall
3. Separate Ways
4. Darkness in Bottles
5. Dying Source
6. Collecting Enemies
7. Darwin Was Right
8. Metal in Wrong Hands
9. Spend the Dollar
10. Passage Back to Hell

Axecuter Lineup:

Danmented - Vocals, guitars
Rascal - Bass, backing vocals
Verdani - Drums

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