Final Offering


The name of the North American band AXE is a legend. Founded in 1979, they […]
September 13, 2019
Axe - Final Offering album cover

The name of the North American band AXE is a legend. Founded in 1979, they remained active until the mid-80's, but entered into hiatus a long time, what earned them the status of a cult band (because it never achieved an outstanding commercial success, meaning that band never reached a great popular praise). But now, after it disbanded back in 2012, they releasing their final album, "Final Offering". Their musical work is based on a melodic and personal Hard Rock/Classic Rock that was a success in the beginning of the 80's. It's melodic, tender and catchy, but bearing the right amount of weight and that crude outfit that was proper of their active times, and an energetic impact that was particular of the band. The songs are excellent, what could be expected for such experienced musicians. Yes, these words means that "Final Offering" will not be an album to be put on the shelf as a decoration, but that will be played time and time again.

The production focused on the creation of something that could sound clear in a way that anyone can understand what is being played, but the final result bears a organic vintage sound that could be excellent on the first half of the 80's, but today makes no sense to be in this way. It's good, but could be even better, and AXE deserved such honor. There are 11 songs on the album (12 in the vinyl edition, for it bears a bonus track, called "Southbound Whistle"), and the final idea is that AXE didn't became famous as DEF LEPPARD or VAN HALEN due the automobilist accident that took the life of Micheal Osborne. But the weight and sharp guitar riffs of "Born to Lose", the tender melodies permeated with a crude feeling shown on "Bad Romance" (very good vocals and backing vocals), the melodic weight of Glam Metal years of "Fire & Stone", the elegant keyboards' parts of "Land of Our Fathers", the Country/Southern Rock touch of "Money", the lovely introspection of the ballad "Road to Damascus", the AOR vocals and chorus of "Who Will You Run To", and the beautiful acoustic approach of "Years Slip Away" are their finest shots.

Life's not fair, and AXE deserves to rest in honor for all it had done throughout the years. And "Final Offering" is not just a final goodbye of the sextet, but an album to pay homage to their history.

9 / 10

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"Final Offering" Track-listing:

1. Born to Lose
2. Bad Romance
3. Fire & Stone
4. Land of Our Fathers
5. Make a Dream (Last Forever)
6. Money
7. Old Scratch
8. Road to Damascus
9. Who Will You Run To
10. Ty Ochen' Krasi Vaya
11. Years Slip Away
12. Southbound Whistle (exclusive bonus track tor Vinyl only)

Axe Lineup:

Bob Harris - Vocals, Keyboards
Bobby Barth - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Brad Banhagel - Guitars
Craig Gysler - Keyboards
Gerald Berger - Bass
Scott Misner - Drums

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