And U.S.A. entered on Black Metal era on the 90s, along with many bands from […]
March 27, 2016
Avitas - Pioneers album cover

And U.S.A. entered on Black Metal era on the 90s, along with many bands from Norway, England and Sweden. On those times, ABSU and BLOODSTORM could be said as some of their greatest names. There are many names on the country, but to be honest, the greater part of them prefers to stay on deep depths of the underground, so to know some names from North American school is not so easy. Canada has the same problem, besides there's a traditional on Canadian Metal since the 70s. And from the depths of its underground, and to be exactly, from British Columbia, comes AVITAS, a veteran with almost 20 years of life, coming and devastating all with its new album, "Pioneers".

Myrtroen (the only band member) is creating a strong and intense form of Black Metal that keeps the same spirit from those days on the 90s when MAYHEM, BURZUM and DARKTHRONE scorched the earth with their music. But as well some of the feeling from BATHORY on "Blood Fire Death" and "Hammerheart" times is present here. We can say that it's a Black/Pagan Metal album, with tons of aggressiveness and harshness, but with a whole atmosphere of good taste present.

The sound quality is really harsh, keeping the roots of the band musical identity on the past days, when playing Black Metal was more than simply play some instrument and say some blasphemies. But this quality is the one that AVITAS need for their songs to express their musical feelings and ideas.

Musically, the band's work is truly good, as songs as the impacting and violent "Pioneers" (with very good and traditional Black Metal riffs and shrieked vocals), the sinister "Magickal Rites from the Ancient Aryan Tomes" (with good rhythmic changes, between fast tempos and some introspective and raw slow moments), the long and full of variations "Satan Delights in the Darkness and Blackness... Which are Opposite to the Whiteness and Light that Please Heaven" (what very good vocals and rhythmic session. But the riffs are excellent), and the long song with a Pagan feeling called "Midnight Bonfires to the Lunar Eclipse". But as well, give some attention to the band's version for MINISTRY's "N.W.O." that gained a total different insight, leaving the Industrial atmosphere to a more Black Metal orientated one.

It's a very good album, indeed!<

8 / 10









"Pioneers" Track-listing:

1. Pioneers
2. Magickal Rites from the Ancient Aryan Tomes
3. Satan Delights in the Darkness and Blackness, Which Are Opposite to the Whiteness and Light that Please Heaven
4. Islamic State of Death
5. Raincoast Necromancer (Brother XII)
6. N.W.O. (Ministry cover)
7. Midnight Bonfires to the Lunar Eclipse

Avitas Lineup:

Myrtroen - Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass

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