Quad Brutal

Austrian Death Machine

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE is back! Hear to this fine piece of music that blends Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Crossover and more!
January 29, 2024

Once again: it’s common to see side projects, because a musician has tons of musical ideas that can’t fit in their main works (sometimes they’re so different that’s impossible to be used). And as such side projects become famous - in a time when living off music became a hard trial - they can be a true source of fun. This is what is about AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE, the side project of Tim Lambesis (singer of AS I LAY DYING, BORN THROUGH FIRE and PYRITHION), and the band is releasing its new album, “Quad Brutal”, after ten years of hiatus since 2014’s “Triple Brutal”.

Modern and brutal, the band’s music can be identified as an explosive mix between influences of Thrash Metal, Crossover and Metalcore, of in another words, it’s an aggressive form of music sharpened by modern embodiment (especially in the tunes used on the guitars), with many breakdowns and rhythmic shifts (as can be heard clearly on “Conquer”) and something from his Metalcore bands (as heard on the melodic vocals on “Hey Bro Can You Spot Me”), and a very good technical care. But as always, Tim evades playing everything on his own, having many guests helping to make things even more interesting. And yes, it’s an excellent work.

Maybe a form to have control over the final result, Tim produced, made the sound engineering and mixed the songs of “Quad Brutal”, having Mike Kalajian on the mastering. All to create a massive and oppressive sonority that has the modern appeal and definition the music asks for, but with distorted modern tunes that are really fitting on the songs. And the artwork of the known artist Ed Repka fits on it, being extremely fun to see. And even being on the booklet, the guests are musicians (and body buliders as well): Brandon Short on the drums, Mark MacDonald and Cory Walker on guitars (the last one make some vocals as well), Craig Golias, Ricky Hoover, Dany Lambesis and Rob Bailey on the vocals, and Angel Vivaldi, Dylan Burcombe, Clayton King, and Joey Alarcon on lead guitars. Again: check the booklet to see on each track where they play.

If one doesn’t known the band, it’s a parody/tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger, comics and old films, but the music must be taken seriously, especially on “No Pain No Gain” (extremely brutal work can be heard on bass guitar and drums, but it’s filled with hooking breakdowns), “Conquer” (excellent Thrash Metal ‘rifferama’ on the guitars that boosts the modern appeal of the melodies, indeed, and excellent leads as well), “Hey Bro Can You Spot Me” (excellent Death/Thrash Metal elements mixed with modern groove, and excellent vocals can be heard due the contrast between scream and clean tunes), “Judgment Day” (very good and charming slow parts, again with an impressive work on bass guitar and drums), “Everybody Pities the Weak” (here Thrash Metal and Crossover influences can be clearly felt mixed with Metalcore and Nu Metal traces, with excellent screams and grunts in the middle of the aggressive chaos that’s expressed), “Don’t Be Lazy” (a funny and brutally oppressive moment, with very good technical appeal and excellent vocals and some melodic Metalcore moments), “Get Down” (this one has a more clear Groove Thrash Metal side, and demands an excellent rhythm work on the tempos’ contrasts)… Well, there’s no need to say, but all the songs are excellent, so hear to “Destroy the Machines” (again with very good groove on the arrangements and bonecrushing rhythms), “MeatGrinder” (an explosive Thrash Metal/Crossover moment pumped by modern influences and wonderful riffs and shreds), and “I Never Quit” as well.

“Quad Brutal” is really an excellent work, so let’s hope that AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE won’t make the fans wait for another 10 years for a new release. Terminator is back!

10 / 10









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"Quad Brutal" Track-listing:
  1. No Pain No Gain
  2. Conquer
  3. Hey Bro Can You Spot Me
  4. Judgment Day
  5. Everybody Pities the Weak
  6. Don’t Be Lazy
  7. Get Down
  8. Destroy the Machines
  9. MeatGrinder
  10. I Never Quit
Austrian Death Machine Lineup:

Tim Lambesis - Rhythm Guitars, Vocals

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