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When dealing with Metal bands, we must pay attention to what the work is all […]
October 30, 2015
Atomwinter - Iron Flesh album cover

When dealing with Metal bands, we must pay attention to what the work is all about and the band's potential to create. And when I say, "to create", it doesn't mean that the band must do something new, as creating a new total Metal style (if it can do so, do it then), but to have a personality is an obligation. Sorry to destroy some romantic dreams of many, but if you're trying to recreate what is already done, saying that you don't want to do something with your personality, you're a blind fool. Yes, a blind and great fool, because you can't accept that you're not living on the 70's, 80's or 90's again. Of course you're not forced to play an style that you don't like, and you can put some life into an old Metal, but to try to create again what is already done note by note is a great foolishness. Ok, ATOMWINTER, from Germany, is not a bunch of fools, they have strong guts, and hearing "Iron Flesh", their new album, it turns the things clear: they are good, but need to some improvements.

They follow the steps from Death Metal in the vein of the bands like UNLEASHED, DISMEMBER and many other names from the past. This is a good point, and they show some personality on the album, but they are not doing anything new at all. Obviously it's not bad or the worst band in the world, because they are not a clone, but they are in the same level of the greater part of the bands of this specific Metal style, like many other names we heard before.

The production they got reinforces the 90's Death Metal feeling, as raw and putrid as they used to be in their earlier albums, but not to the point we can't understand what they are playing. No, the instruments are fine with good tunes.

They do not abuse extremely fast tempos, using mid paced or sometimes slow tempos, and have some good moments, as we can hear on "Mother of War", "Tank Brigade" and the slow funeral parade called "Silencer". These songs shows how the band is talented, but as well turn clear that they can do way better than we can hear on this album.

Not bad, has potential, and I really wish to hear more of them in the future.<

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Iron Flesh" Track-listing:

1. Mother of War
2. Bloodcult
3. Mörser
4. Beheaded
5. Tank Brigade
6. Silencer
7. Iron Flesh
8. Purify the Spawn
9. Another Pain

Atomwinter Lineup:

O. Halsschneider - Vocals
B. Grapp - Guitars
M. Schulz - Bass
P. Walter - Drums

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