Synchronicity Embraced


There are times when we really want to hear something different from the distorted tunes […]
November 10, 2018
Ataraxia - Synchronicity Embraced album cover

There are times when we really want to hear something different from the distorted tunes of aggressive Metal bands. There are times when works like THEATRE OF TRAGEDY's "Aegis" are welcome, because that tender and introspective form of music really touches us deeply. But the experienced Italian group ATARAXIA seems to be a fine choice for these moments as well, because "Synchronicity Embraced" is really good to take us out of deep stress. It's a hard album to label in musical terms, but Neoclassical, Dark-Ambient, Gothic, Neofolk would be good choices. It's deep, introspective, melodic and not aggressive in any moment. It's almost impossible to label "Synchronicity Embraced" as a Metal album, to be honest. But it's amazing how they can create charming melodies and good musical arrangements. Yes, it's truly good.

On the sound production, it's simple to hear that it's almost perfect. All is sounding clear and loud, with very good clean tunes, even when the guitars gain some distortion. It's clear that their creative focus is not on distorted and aggressive music, but on something melodic and tender, so clarity is a clear demand, instead aggressiveness. All works on the album's sound quality. Some Progressive experimental elements can be heard on "Synchronicity Embraced" songs, but it's a guarantee that the listener won't be bored in any moment. "Oenoe" is long and have excellent Folk melodies (given by the acoustic guitars and tender vocal tunes used), "Sikia" is filled with some Classic Music influences and deep melodies, as they can be heard once more on "Prayer of the Archangel"; adorned with some excellent choirs and violin parts, the Folk melodies mixed with Progressive touches on "Rose of the Wild Forces" is extremely seductive; "Synchronicity Embraced" is near to Symphonic Metal in many parts, without tearing apart the tender Classical influence. And these can be said as the album's finest moments.

"Synchronicity Embraced" is an album to hear when the daily oppressive stress is unbearable, so put it to play and enjoy this melodic introspective music as much as possible.

8 / 10









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"Synchronicity Embraced" Track-listing:

1. Oenoe
2. Sikia
3. Ieros
4. Prayer of the Archangel
5. Rose of the Wild Forces
6. Chiron Quartz
7. La Vista Del Bardo
8. Synchronicity Embraced

Ataraxia Lineup:

Francesca Nicoli - Vocals
Vittorio Vandelli - Electric, Classical and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Giovanni Pagliari - Keyboards, Piano, Backing Vocals
Riccardo Spaggiari - Drums
Totem Bara - Cello

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