Sulphur And Fire


Since the arrival of the SWOBM (Second Wave of Black Metal) in the beginning of […]
October 7, 2015
Archemoron - Sulphur And Fire album cover

Since the arrival of the SWOBM (Second Wave of Black Metal) in the beginning of the 90s, we saw an outburst of great bands from some countries that we thought that hadn't no tradition o Metal. And the first countries we saw, back on those days, taking over from Black Metal movement were Norway and Greece. And back then, names as ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, VARATHRON, and some others were as great as those Norwegian notorious names we all know. Now that Black Metal has a privileged position on underground worldwide (besides some complainers that can't understand a thing even if it could hit their as a hammer), some good names still appears on Greek scene, as ARCHEMORON can prove with their second album, "Sulphur And Fire".

They play a more epic and sinister way in Black Metal, keeping a good melodic insight when it's needed; but they don't open hand from a distorted and aggressive form of music - with that harsh approach we already know from Greek Black Metal. Their music is not done without some good musical arrangements, yet they keep the old spirit of their country's extreme Metal trademark. Harsh and aggressive, but epic and with very good musical ideas used on their songs. Yes, they are pretty good!

Keeping the spirit of Black Metal - their sound quality is harsh until the point that the dirtiness can't damage our understanding of what they are playing. An old school Black Metal fan won't have any reasons for complains, but to those who like a more comprehensive music, it will not cause heart attacks as well. It is good, let me tell you.

They have a very good arsenal of guitar riffs (even some solos can be heard, something that is not usually heard on Black Metal), used wisely with very good vocals (some not so aggressive tunes can be heard in the middle of harsh ones), and a powerful work done by bass and drums on rhythmic session.

Of course the album is very good from its beginning until their last accord, but I can point some very fine moments, and "Across the Seven Seas of My Soul" (with very good riffs and nasty voices in the middle of the fast tempos), the atmospheric and bitter "I, the Black Desert" (very good rhythmic changes, where bass and drums are really doing a fine work), the great and well worked "Aristomenes", the harsh and fast "Preachers of Heaven, Maggots of Earth" (again great harsh voices can be heard in this very aggressive song), and the long and full of variations "Lacerate the Mind" (where they mix all their musical elements into one single song).

All that is left to say about these Spartan Black Metal warriors is that they can conquest all the extreme Metal fans with a good musical taste.


10 / 10


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"Sulphur And Fire" Track-listing:

1. Across The Seven Seas Of My Soul
2. I, The Black Desert
3. Ancient Callings
4. Aristomenes
5. Sailing To The Black Sea
6. Lemourian Silence
7. Preachers Of Heaven, Maggots Of Earth
8. Omnia Movens
9. Blitz
10. Lacerate The Mind

Archemoron Lineup:

Aristomenes - Vocals, Bass
Melikertiis - Guitars
Typhonas - Guitars

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