The Apothecary

Archaic Decapitator

There are moments when a release can make your face fall to the floor, and […]
April 27, 2019
Archaic Decapitator - The Apothecary album cover

There are moments when a release can make your face fall to the floor, and in these occasions, the fans can think why in the blazes have you never heard the work from this band before. And from Connecticut (USA) comes the veteran quintet ARCHAIC DECAPITATOR, and they came to storm into your ears with the 5-track EP "The Apothecary". It's a technical and catchy form of Melodic Death Metal, with excellent songs filled with amazing energy and charming melodies. There are parts of the guitars that can remind the listeners of Yngwie Malmsteen's solos, but always with very good grunts, amazing guitar riffs, and a solid and technical work from bass guitar and drums. And they are really creative in terms of musical arrangements, but without sounding pedant. Yes, they're an excellent band, and this EP is amazing.

Dave Kaminsky is the producer and the one who mixed the songs, having Bart Williams on the mastering. And the final result is something that is clear in a way that their melodies can be understood clearly, but bearing the needed weight and aggressiveness. "Circadian Promise" is just a melodic intro done with keyboards effects, the right prelude for the assault called "Skyward", a perfect mix between the speed and aggressiveness of Death Metal with charming melodic arrangements (and what amazing guitars); the change of tempos and flux of energy of "Cruelty of the Host Star" can rip the eyes from the face, and what great work on bass guitar and drums; being a bit more aggressive and filled with many rhythmic changes, "Diminishing Returns" will win the listener at first hearing (once more, great guitars); and the fusion from Neoclassic elements on guitar riffs with changing tempos from Melodic Death Metal and excellent vocals creates "The Apothecary", a precious musical gem (with some keyboards' parts as well).

In these days when there are many bands lacking creativeness, ARCHAIC DECAPITATOR shows itself as a name that Metal labels must look for at any cost, and "The Apothecary" is the proof of these words!

10 / 10









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"The Apothecary" Track-listing:

1. Circadian Promise
2. Skyward
3. Cruelty of the Host Star
4. Diminishing Returns
5. The Apothecary

Archaic Decapitator Lineup:

Kyle Quintin - Vocals
Yegor Savonin - Lead Guitar
Chris Ridley - Rhythm Guitar
Craig Breitsprecher - Bass, Backing Vocals
Gary Marotta - Drums

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