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To have an old musical way of doing music isn't a sin at all. The […]
November 11, 2020
Arcadian Child - Protopsycho album cover

To have an old musical way of doing music isn't a sin at all. The work of such archeologists into music has a precious insight: not make things live, to keep the flame of old musical formats burning. Nothing needs to die, so it's important, but it's important to have a musical personality, because copying another bands' works isn't allowed 9and sorry, because no one can give continuity to others' works, it's a fallacy). And on the hands of Cyprus' quartet ARCADIAN CHILD, things gain a new life, as can be heard on "Protopsycho".

Their music is a form of old Hard Rock/Rock music, created with deeper, melodic and dense ambiences, with influences from Mediterranean music, and charming melodies. It's organic, tender, grandiose, and really intoxicating. And the best thing about what they deliver to the listeners: it's different from what one could have heard before. And the energy that comes from distorted calm moments is really disturbing, but hypnotic as well. It's hard to explain with words, so take the best part to understand what they're about: hear it!

The quartet produced the album along Andreas Trachonitis (who worked with the recording and mixing as well), and was mastered by Mikey Allred. And the efforts were done to create something organic and greasy, but in a way that the listeners can easily understand what they're playing and expressing musically. It's a very good result, after all.

"Snakecharm" with its tender and intimate ambience, but with distorted rough instruments (and charming melodies), the cathartic Mediterranean Folk influences that permeates "Wave High" and "Sour Grapes" (both showing very good guitars' arrangements), the deeper and rough feeling that comes from "Bitter Tea", the solid Stoner Rock outfit of "Bodies of Men", and the crude melodies of "Protopsycho" are the finest ones to start with.

"Protopsycho" isn't an easy album to be digested at first, but the more you listen to it, the more it'll seduce your senses. And ARCADIAN CHILD really did a great work on this album.

8 / 10









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"Protopsycho" Track-listing:

1. Snakecharm
2. Wave High
3. Sour Grapes
4. The Well
5. Bitter Tea
6. Bodies of Men
7. Raisin' Fire
8. Protopsycho

Arcadian Child Lineup:

Panagiotis I.G. - Vocals, Guitars
Stathis Had. - Lead Guitars
Andreas Kerveros - Bass, Backing Vocals
Constantinos Pavlides - Drums, Percussion

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