Any Given Day

An explosive Metalcore release is what this German quintet offers.
April 10, 2024

It’s hard to deal with complaints about Modern Metal tendencies, but’s harder to see and hear such things from musicians. Anyone has the right for an opinion and no one has to like anything, but to respect is something that we all must know. The musicians must show respect to others, because it’s not only for the example given to the fans, but to sawn seeds of hope in this world torn apart by divisions (and it’s not only about music I’m speaking here). Learn to respect, like it or not. And liking it or not, “Limitless”, the new album of the German quintet ANY GIVEN DAY.

Metalcore is the main genre of the band, but in a way that contrasts abrasive aggressiveness with greasy instrumental tunes with tender cleaner (and even melancholic) moments. So one must understand that shifts between nasty and crude moments with melodic cleaner ones are expected the fans. But here, the quintet shows a personal way of doing it, with many accessible parts (in the clean moments of “Apocalypse” they’re clear). It’s full of energy and personality, even not being a new revolution in the genre (besides the quintet shows potential to unleash such thing). “Limitless” was produced by the hands of Andy Posdziech, who worked as the recording engineer as well, and did the mixing; and the mastering is signed by Marvin Kinkel. The result is a model of Metalcore sonority: brutal and greasy, filled with fiery chords’ tunes, but defined and understandable for any hearer, even for those that aren’t used to the genre. And as guests, here are Christoph Wieczorek on guitars and vocals, and Rudi Schwarzer on vocals.

On the songs, little is left to say that could tear apart the personal shining appeal of “Limitless”. And songs as “Get That Done” (an intense and abrasive groove is shown, with a heavy rhythmic artillery from bass guitar and drums, and it’s a song full of hooks), “Unbreakable” (a song filled with excellent melodic riffs and arrangements from the guitars, but’s intense and fiery in many moments, with charming choirs), “Limitless” (the contrasts between aggressiveness and melodies is amazing, as the ones for the vocals, where clean tunes and grunts are really charming), “Come Whatever May” (here an accessible touch of Groove Metal and Hard Rock can be heard clearly on the melodies, with fine guitars once more), “Apocalypse” (the contrasts between accessible clean moments with abrasive New Metal grove is clear, with excellent work of bass guitar and drums), “Best Time” (wow, to lay clean vocals on such abrasive instrumental sheath is a fine feature, indeed), “H.A.T.E.” (a brutal and grasping song where the quintet receives the German Post-Hardcore/Alternative Rock band ANNISOKAY, and it’s the reason of the feeling of having some experimental traces on this one), and “Broken Guardian” will imposed a crush on the fans’ hearts. But have in mind that all the songs are really very good.

As final words, one must be sure that “Limitless” depicts a band that still holds potential to be transformed. And it means that all the fans can have great expectations on ANY GIVEN DAY’s career.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Limitless" Track-listing:
  1. Get That Done
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Limitless
  4. Come Whatever May
  5. Apocalypse
  6. Shockwave
  7. Best Time
  8. My Way
  9. H.A.T.E.
  10. Broken Guardian
  11. Shadow Walker
Any Given Day Lineup:

Dennis Diehl - Vocals
Andy Posdziech - Lead Guitars
Dennis ter Schmitten - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Golinski - Bass, Backing Vocals
Leon Stiller - Drums

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