Molten Rainbow

Antioch - VI

Since the mid-2000s, the worldwide scene experienced the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM), […]
August 3, 2023
Antioch - VI - Molten Rainbow album cover

Since the mid-2000s, the worldwide scene experienced the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM), that isn't anything else that bands bringing back the same feeling and elements of acts of the late 70s and early 80s Heavy Metal. Some can say this phenomenon is sounds like Speed Metal, Thrash Metal or Power Metal from their early days, and many more conceptions. But one must have in mind that the bands of such tendency can be separated in two groups: one that brings something really amazing, as CAULDRON, SKULL FIST, NIGHT DEMON and ENFORCER, and others that have nothing more to offer and a copy of what was already done. And Canada is a boiling cauldron for such tendency, so it's nothing unexpected to deal with a band as ANTIOCH, as heard on "VI - Molten Rainbow".

It's not an offense to say that their music can be said as a blend of elements of JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, NWOBHM bands and the melodic touch of Hard Rock, but always with an actual feeling, something that evades the feeling of dealing with something moldy. But on the band's melodies and aggressive touch one can feel a strong personality pulsing, a bold and savage energy that flows from the songs and hooks the fans. And the final result is something that Heavy Metal fans from old and young tendencies will love for sure. "VI - Molten Rainbow" was mixed and mastered by Erik Gurney (the same one who works with the quartet since 2017's "Antioch III: Wings and Warlocks"), and the sonority of the album depicts the following: the need for something organic and handmade as the genre was in the past, but with a powerful and heavy outfit that is actual, taking the best of the two worlds. And the idea was fulfilled in a very good way, because this album bites with strength!

All the songs are fine pieces of Metal that can seduce the fans of the genre easily, but for a first ride on their musical work, "Defiler" (a song with influences inherited of ACCEPT, with very good melodies contrasting with aggressive vocals, from screams to sharp clean tunes), "Molten Rainbow" (the influence of German Power Metal of the 80s is clear, with faster tempos and a solid playing of bass guitar and drums giving the right support for the guitars), "Imps in the Coal" (the contrasts between melancholic and deeper lines with crescendos of energy near the chorus is a cliché that's wisely used by the quartet), "Temple of Black Fire" (another song with tempos' contrasts, and that's based on strong and melodic guitar riffs and duets), "Lucifer in Chains" (the slow speed reinforces the Hard 'n' Heavy feeling, again with very good vocals and backing vocals), and "Iron and Rust" will do the job.

"VI - Molten Rainbow" is a very good release, and the tendency is that ANTIOCH can reach a broader set of fans with it.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Molten Rainbow" Track-listing:

1. Defiler
2. Molten Rainbow
3. Dodeskaden
4. Imps in the Coal
5. Temple of Black Fire
6. Lucifer in Chains
7. The Harvest Tale
8. Hold My Heart
9. Iron and Rust

Antioch - VI Lineup:

Nick Allaire - Vocals, Drums
Jordan Rhyno - Guitars, Bass
Brendan Rhyno - Drums

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