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Anguish Force

To play Old School forms of Metal is a trend today (I wrote it many […]
May 3, 2023
Anguish Force - Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem album cover

To play Old School forms of Metal is a trend today (I wrote it many times before), and maybe it's a result of good works of acts as ENFORCER, MUNICIPAL WASTE and many others in any Old School Metal genre one can think of. The 'X' of the question is how to breath a new life on what is eroded by time, because there's not only one solution to this matter, but endless. And the Italian quintet ANGUISH FORCE does things in a very good way, as can heard on "Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem". Their musical work is a form of Old School Speed/Power Metal (when the genre was about speed and weight, not about technique) with heavy doses of traditional Heavy Metal in the mixture (especially ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST).

It's full of energy, pulsing with life and personality, but at the same time, they balance aggressiveness and melodies in a very good way (in the same album, you can find a melodic song as "Mansonary" and a fast and nasty one as "The Tower of Hunger"), and they use all the clichés to create something really good. Try it! The production on "Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem" seems to be done to align the organic and old feeling of the past (as the band entered the studio, set the equipment and recorded as they played) with the modern definition of the tunes. The result is very good, allowing the fans to understand what's being played and without that 'moldy' feeling that some albums emulates. It's a very good result.

There are 11 very good songs on "Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem" (to those who have difficulties to assimilate the vocals at the first hearing, a second time will solve it for sure). But for a first time on the band's music, "The Ring of the New Order" (a heavier and oppressive song with excellent melodies and a thunderous set of rhythms created by bass guitar and drums), "Masonry" (a heavy song with that melodic appeal that's usual of German Heavy Metal school, with very good guitar riffs and chorus), "Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem" (this one has a more accessible appeal due the melodies that are easy to understand and the catchy chorus), "The Tower of Hunger" (a more aggressive moment of the album, especially due the low tunes of the vocals and the insane guitar riffs, with solos in a 'motorheadin' vibe), "Tunnel with no Exit" (another aggressive song with some touches of Speed Metal on the guitars and melodies, but with a piledriving work of bass guitar and drums), "You Must Die Tonight" (a fast set of tempos boosted by the great playing of the guitar and charming shifts in the vocals tunes), and "We Don't Talk in the Pit" are the right ones. On the second time, you'll be hooked for sure.

It's clear that ANGUSIH FEAR can offer even more than shown on "Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem", but this album is really excellent. Listen to it and enjoy your new addiction!

8 / 10









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"Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem" Track-listing:

1. The Ring of the New Order
2. Masonry
3. Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem
4. The Tower of Hunger
5. Ship of Gold (instrumental)
6. Dirty Gold
7. Tunnel with no Exit
8. Russian Wall
9. You Must Die Tonight
10. We Don't Talk in the Pit
11. Millenian Lies

Anguish Force Lineup:

Desmo - Vocals
Luck Az - Guitars
LGD - Guitars
Tumbler - Bass
Pemmel - Drums

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