The Profound Recreant


The more the bands expand limits, the harder is to use a known label to […]
March 29, 2023
Angerot - The Profound Recreant album cover

The more the bands expand limits, the harder is to use a known label to define what is being heard on some albums due the fact that things are moving, constantly evolving, even when a band is dealing with a usual form of any Metal genre one can think of. And the North American quartet ANGEROT seems to understand what these words means as is shown on the band's latest album, "The Profound Recreant". Their music is a form of traditional Death Metal (in the Swedish form, with some resemblances with early and filthy works of DISMEMBER) that is being mixed with influences inherited of Blackened Death Metal (the vocals uses some tunes that resembles the ones used by Polish bands as HATE and VADER) and with some melodic touches (as on the guitar solos during "Grand Feast ov the Flesh", but as it's a song that has Andy LaRocque as special guest, it's nothing unexpected).

The quartet's full potential for building great music isn't shown on the album, but the aggressiveness and energy heard on "The Profound Recreant" are showing that they're in the right path (and for the level shown, imagine when they do so). Andreas Linnemann worked on the mixing and mastering, sharpening what was recorded, creating a massive and brutal wall of sound, but always in a way that make easy to understand what's the quartet is musically expressing. It fits on what the band plays, and it's good. The guests: Sebastian Bracht (of DAHLIAN and SOPHICIDE) makes some additional vocals on "Das Salz" and "Slaughter of Innocence", David Gutierrez Rojas (of BLEEDING GODS) plays keyboards on "Bastard Creature", "The Profound Recreant" and "In the Company ov Wolves"; Andy LaRocque (known for his playing on KING DIAMOND) plays lead guitars on "Grand Feast ov the Flesh", Sammy Duet (of GOATWHORE) does the same on "Bastard Creature"; Simon Olsen (of BAEST) appears on the vocals on "Horns of Moses", and Steve Tucker (of MORBID ANGEL) appears on the vocals on "In the Company ov Wolves".

The main value of "The Profound Recreant" is what it shows on its songs, a true set of destructive Death Metal artifacts. But for the first time on it, "They Shall Take Up Serpents" (a brutal and catchy song, with excellent guitars arrangements and many catching parts with contrasts grunts and whispers), "Grand Feast ov the Flesh" (a fast and furious set of tempos awaits the ears, but where the melodic guitar solo fits perfectly), "Bastard Creature" (the set of guitars riffs and rhythmic shifts is an amazing, with bass guitar and drums unleashing brutal weight with their playing), "The Profound Recreant" (the fine keyboards intro creates the right feeling for such unusual song for the band's music due its technical appeal), "In the Company ov Wolves" (what remarkable contrasts between the vocals and the keyboards can be heard), and "Slaughter ov Innocence" (another unusual song).

Be prepared, because if you're a Death Metal fan, you'll become an ANGEROT fan for sure after listening to "The Profound Recreant".

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Profound Recreant" Track-listing:

1. Das Salz
2. They Shall Take Up Serpents
3. Grand Feast ov the Flesh
4. Bastard Creature
5. The Profound Recreant
6. Horns ov Moses
7. Behold the Blessed Black
8. In the Company ov Wolves
9. Slaughter ov Innocence

Angerot Lineup:

Chad Petit - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jason Ellsworth - Lead Guitar
Bill Zaugg - Bass
Matt Johnson - Drums

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