Ad Mortem Festinamus

Anger As Art

PLAY THIS ALBUM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN, BASTARDS!!!!!!! Do you remember the words that […]
September 24, 2016
Anger As Art - Ad Mortem Festinamus album cover

PLAY THIS ALBUM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN, BASTARDS!!!!!!! Do you remember the words that Big Daddy here always writes about trying to be an Old School Metal band, and that just a few really get the idea? Yes, the North American quartet ANGER AS ART is really an example of a band with Old School Metal in their veins, in their souls, and you'll feel it clear on "Ad Mortem Festinamus," their new album, a massive Thrash Metal assault that will leave no bones without being broken and no necks without pain!

This is the purest breed of Thrash Metal made in USA, done with heart and soul in each musical arrangement. But as soon as we pay attention to the band members, we see that they are experienced musicians, and names as ABBATOIR, BITCH, BLOODLUST and EVILDEAD are some bands from where these madmen were in some moment. So when you're listening to the album, the idea of what is a true Old School Metal band will be clear, because the energy, the musical arrangements, the vocals, guitars, bass and drums are offering the best of the 80s...and no, it's not a copy, far away from that! This is the best of what the 80s had to offer!

The sound quality is excellent, with very good tuning on the musical instruments, clear, heavy and aggressive to the bone. The band doesn't need to sound the same as in the 80s, because the Old School atmosphere is in the songs, not on the recording. But let me tell you: Ronald Sandoval did a great job on the recording, mixing and mastering. Prepare for the attack! The violent and sharp attack of the guitars that is presented on "Pissing on Your Grave" (that has excellent backing vocals as well), the great work done by bass guitar and drums on "Aim for the Heart" (with some unconventional elements that we don't see often on a Thrash Metal album), the good slower tempos on "Tombward" (with a more worked moments of the guitars, along with excellent vocals), the purely MOTORHEAD feeling that fills "L.A. State of Mind" (that filthy and hardcore tempo, with very good riffs and nasty vocals); the funny and uncompromised atmosphere of "Unknowing, Undead" will hook you for sure; and the introspective and melancholic feeling that "Praise of the Firehead" can be said as their best moments. But I have to ask: is there a weak point on this album? Excellent album!!!!!!!!

10 / 10









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"Ad Mortem Festinamus" Track-listing:

1. Ad Mortem Festinamus
2. Pissing on your Grave
3. Aim for the Heart
4. Tombward
5. L.A. State of Mind
6. Unknowing, Undead
7. Hammer, Blade, and Twisting Fire
8. We Hurry into Death
9. Two Minutes Hate
10. Praise of the Firehead
11. Dim Carcosa

Anger As Art Lineup:

Steve Gaines - Vocals, guitars
Danny Oliverio - Guitars, backing vocals
Eric Bryan - Bass
Rob Alaniz - Drums

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