Throne of Ashes


As modern technologies came and promoted new experiences to daily life, music earned a great […]
March 24, 2022
AngelBlast - Throne of Ashes album cover

As modern technologies came and promoted new experiences to daily life, music earned a great set of possibilities. One of them is that the expensive costs of making a side project disappeared (costs as travels, hotels, food, and others), and it was the end of all bureaucratic chains. In the past, only known names into music could dare to do such thing; today, even musicians of underground can do it. And sometimes, a good release comes from such experience, as in the case of ANGELBLAST with their latest release, a 2-songs EP called "Throne of Ashes".

In the band, musicians with experience with names as BENEDICTION, NECROPHOBIC, DISMEMBER and others, uniting people from Sweden and Canada. On the songs, one can say that it's a piece of music with references to Old School Death Metal (that blends influences from Sweden and USA) and to Swedish Blackened Death Metal from the 90's (due to the presence of morbid and melancholic ambiences). But the precious gleam of these two pearls is full of a proper energy, a particular way of making the genre. It's really a great work what they deliver on the songs. The sonority of "Throne of Ashes" was built to be harsh and crude to a certain point, because it has the crude feeling that brings life to the songs; in other hand, the recordings, mixing and mastering allowed the songs to be understood without problems by the fans. It's the case of having the best of two worlds at the same time.

"Throne of Ashes" is a darkened and morbid song, contrasting aggressiveness and funereal ambiences in the due proportions, based on a strong work of bass guitar and drums on the rhythms. And "Tartarus" shows a morbid and more Death Metal musical orientation, with very good guitar riffs and charming 'schuldinerian' screams. Yes, only two caustic songs are presented on this EP. And as "Throne of Ashes" is really a good release, it means that why in the blazes a band as ANGELBLAST didn't release a full album until this moment?

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Throne of Ashes" Track-listing:

1. Throne of Ashes
2. Tartarus

AngelBlast Lineup:

Gord Olson - Vocals, Lead Guitars
Hempa Brynolfsson - Guitars
Johan Bergebäck - Bass
Perra Karlsson - Drums

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