Screams and Whispers (Reissue)


1993. At this time, Alternative Rock tendencies are Grunge Rock infested Rock scene in the […]
October 25, 2019
Anacrusis - Screams and Whispers (Reissue) album cover

1993. At this time, Alternative Rock tendencies are Grunge Rock infested Rock scene in the United States. On TV musical programs, this infestation was clear. Glam Metal or Metal names were solely the great ones, so all Metal genres in the USA went back into underground, and only those who could travel to alternative musical markets (as Europe, Japan and South America) could have hopes of living. It's not a so complicated to see as some bands made changes on their musical ways to fit into such scenario, in a fight for survival. And in this strange and chaotic scenario, ANACRUSIS released "Screams and Whispers", their fourth and final album before disbanding.

If "Manic Impressions" showed their musical work in a solid way, "Screams and Whispers" showed a band that could evolve under this solid basis, and shows a better balance between their Progressive Rock influences with a more aggressive Thrash Metal approach. It's really a step ahead of anything they did before, and even more catchy to the senses, with fine melodic structures on the entire album, and some keyboards' parts here and there. It could be a classic of the genre, if the Metal scene wasn't so down on USA. Kenn Nardi produced the album, having once more Dave "Fuzzy" Duirnak at his side, but only as sound engineer. And as it happened on their previous albums, the sonority improved. But now in a way that the sound quality is clear, heavy and aggressive, and doesn't sound "outdated". It's has a modern feeling that allows the listener to understand everything, and it bears the best set of instrumental tunes that they could have.

On "Screams and Whispers", it's hard to look for best moments, and the complex approach on technique can be difficult to swallow for some at first time, but the heavy strength and melodies of "Sound the Alarm", the abrasive energy of "Sense of Will" (what a great work!) and "Too Many Prophets" (the heavy impact of this songs is amazing), the catchy melodies mixed with Prog Metal ambiance of "Release", the harsh aggressiveness of "Division" (excellent bass guitar and drums parts), the complex and filled with changes of musical ambiances "Tools of Separation" (a solid as granite song, full of contrasts of melodic parts with brutal aggressive moments), and... Forget about it! Listen all the songs, because it's a great album, bearing excellent bonus tracks as the other ones: the demo versions for "Sound the Alarm", "Forsaken" and "Brotherhood?".

If this album was released back in 1989 or 1990, it would be a classic and could have changed ANACRUSIS' history. But as they're back, go and get used to their music, listening "Screams and Whispers" as loud as you can, even at the cost of peace in your neighborhood.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Screams and Whispers (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Sound the Alarm
2. Sense of Will
3. Too Many Prophets
4. Release
5. Division
6. Tools of Separation
7. Grateful
8. A Screaming Breath
9. My Soul's Affliction
10. Driven
11. Brotherhood?
12. Release (remix)
13. Sound the Alarm (demo) (bonus)
14. Forsaken (demo) (bonus)
15. Brotherhood? (demo) (bonus)

Anacrusis Lineup:

Kenn Nardi - Vocals, Guitars
Kevin Heidbreder - Guitars
John Emery - Bass
Paul Miles - Drums

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