Beyond the Black Wave


From time to time, Black Metal seems to be reborn due the renewal of names, […]
November 23, 2018
Allegiance - Beyond the Black Wave album cover

From time to time, Black Metal seems to be reborn due the renewal of names, a phenomenon that can be described in this way: the older ones die, and the newer ones take their places. And in France, Black Metal has a long and excellent history, since the roots created by LLN. We can say that ALLEGIANCE is a true heir of French extreme Metal DNA, as their first album, "Beyond the Black Wave" is here to prove. Their musical work is brutal and oppressive, darkened and morbid, but always using great atmospheres (created by keyboard parts) to breed something heavy and dense. We can say that their musical work is on a way similar to EMPEROR on "In the Nightside Eclipse"/"Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" age, but with their own way of doing things. And it's filled with a crude energy, and a very good technical approach.

To be drawn into their darkness' cloak, we must understand their music's core. And the sound quality that was built by Asgorn at Silent Ruins Studio (and he also did the mix and mastering of the album) and at Echoes Studio. All sounds fresh and organic, with that raw sound from "ugly aesthetics" that Black Metal bands usually uses on their albums. We can understand what they're playing clearly, and the sound quality fits on their musical work. Obviously, it could be better, but it's not bad at all (just a bit cleaner on the next time, and things will be in the right place).

They are able to make you see them in a very good light due their capacity of arranging their songs in a way that will seduce the extreme Metal fans. And if "The Fall of Black Heroes" (excellent harsh vocals and rhythmic changes are presented here), the sharp and darkened weight expelled by "i Wrath i Death" (excellent guitar riffs and truly deep melodies in the middle of their aggressive grasp), the catchy parts of the Black Metal storm unleashed on "The Entity Behind the Wall of Flames", the oppressive atmosphere created by guitars and keyboards blend on "In Memory of My Essence" (but pay attention to the wonderful work from bass guitar and drums and vocals as well) and on "Shadows from the Pyre", and the guitars' massacring riffs on "Sorceress Queen" and on "The Phantom Coach" are the album's finest moments. Yes, leaving the climatic intro "The Vow" aside, all the songs of "Beyond the Black Wave" are excellent, no kidding.

It seems that a new Black Metal legend is born on French soil, so listen to "Beyond the Black Wave" and have in mind: ALLIGEANCE will be great as soon as they have their chance. Their musical work is so good that I want a physical copy of this album!

10 / 10









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"Beyond the Black Wave" Track-listing:

1. The Vow
2. The Fall of Black Heroes
3. i Wrath i Death
4. The Entity Behind the Wall of Flames
5. In Memory of My Essence
6. Shadows from the Pyre
7. Sorceress Queen
8. The Phantom Coach

Allegiance Lineup:

Asgorn - Vocals, Lead Guitars
Haeretic - Rhythm Guitars
Alakihel - Bass, Backing Vocals
Delok - Keyboards
Obscurisis - Drums

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