Voyage of the Dead Marauder


The crew of Captain Morgan is back! Hear to this fine mix between Power Metal and Folk Metal and be ready for boarding!!!!
February 21, 2024

Since Folk Metal became a genre of Metal with a commercial appeal, some names grew a lot and became huge in the scene. Of course their value is undeniable, because success is something that is the result of hard work, good music and strategies on spreading the name of the band and attracting attention. One name that grew a lot since 5-10 days into the genre is ALESTORM, from UK. And just after one year after their latest full-length, here is the pirate crew of Captain Morgan back with a new release, “Voyage of the Dead Marauder”.

Once more the band brought their long-time partner Lasse Lammert to work as producer (and to do the recordings, the mixing and the mastering as well), all to be a kind of ‘continuation’ of what was done on their albums. And it’s really an excellent work, bearing the needed balance between weight, aggressiveness and clarity on the sonority. And the artwork of Ady Shutterscream brings their mascot (Captain Morgan) on the cover, working as an identity for their work.

Musically, everyone knows that ALESTORM works on an accessible and trend into Power/Folk Metal, with excellent melodies and Folk parts, but always having in mind that they work mainly on a Heavy/Power Metal way. The choruses are excellent and the arrangements are all of high level, and all their success in truly fruit of a hard work translated into a music of high level. Yes, they’re excellent, indeed.

This release is an EP with fine songs (two being versions for songs of other musicians), and no one can deny the value of “Voyage of the Dead Marauder”, an excellent song, with charming melodies contrasting with silk female vocals (a contribution of Patty Gurdy, who played hurdy gurdy on it as well) and harsh screams of male voices, and a perfect blend between melodies and weighty aggressiveness. “Uzbekistan” is truly a Power/Folk Metal, with excellent keyboards and Folk Metal harmonies. “Cock” is a short Folk Metal song with excellent guitars and catchy instrumental arrangements. And “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate” (originally a song of THE ARROGANT WORMS, here in a very good Power Metal way) and “Sea Shanty 2” (an Ian Taylor song, a funny moment with very good and heavy work on the bass guitar and drums) are the covers, here for the fans as a gift.

Maybe “Voyage of the Dead Marauder” can be a set of songs recorded during the sessions of “Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum” that wasn’t used on the album (no one can say the opposite by now), but as always, they’re precious, and ALESTORM knew that the fans deserved to have them as well. So dive into it or walk the plank!

10 / 10









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"Voyage of the Dead Marauder" Track-listing:
  1. Voyage of the Dead Marauder
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. The Last Saskatchewan Pirate
  4. Sea Shanty 2
  5. Cock
Alestorm Lineup:

Christopher Bowes - Vocals, Keyboards
Máté Bodor - Guitars
Elliot Vernon - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Gareth Murdock - Bass
Peter Alcorn - Drums

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