Prisoner Of The Sun


A fine Danish Black Metal band. AJUNA's a new breed of a country with a […]
October 28, 2013
Ajuna - Prisoner Of The Sun album cover

A fine Danish Black Metal band. AJUNA's a new breed of a country with a long and rich tradition in extreme Metal, so it's not a surprise that "Prisoner Of The Sun" is a fine piece.

It's not just extreme Metal at all, it seems more the style some call Depressive extreme Metal (I swear that someday, I'll not use this cursed labeling anymore. All is Metal in the end), with some harsh and extreme moments with some more slow and intense ones. And you'll feel the experimental sensation hearing all songs from the album.

Good harsh vocals (with a lot of high pitches and low tune grunts), fine and well worked guitar riffs (they prefer a more mid tempo riffs than fast ones), bass and drums heaving weight all the time.

A fine sound production that could be a little better (but it's not bad at all, all the instruments can be heard), a very simple and humble artwork, so you all can see that their focus is music. And they really did a very good job, let me say this.

Only seven tracks on the album (which is a pity. They could recorded some more), being the best ones "Tribute" (what guitar riffs), "Medicin" (a more slower and oppressive song, with very good vocals), and the depressive "Invisible Cut", the long (in terms of time) and intense "Kaos" (the rhythm kitchen is doing a great work, especially the bass guitar).

A very good CD, indeed, but I believe that this venture can go even further of being better in quality, so I hope they'll come back soon, bringing to the worldwide scene another piece of musical chaos.

8 / 10


"Prisoner Of The Sun" Track-listing:

1. Tribute
2. Medicin
3. Invisible Cut
4. Suntomb
5. Kaos
6. Death
7. Winter

Ajuna Lineup:

Anders Hufsa Andersen - Vocals
Alex Hartfelt - Guitar / Vocals
Frederik Trampe - Guitar / Vocals
Peter Helmer Madsen - Bass
Jesper Skovsted Pedersen - Drums

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