A New Dawn

Age of Reflection

The revival of 80's AOR and Hard/Glam Metal genres in European countries is truly welcomed. […]
September 27, 2019
Age of Reflection - A New Dawn album cover

The revival of 80's AOR and Hard/Glam Metal genres in European countries is truly welcomed. It's because after the Grunge/Alternative dominance on US market during the 90's, the scene of these specific genres broke up and almost disappeared in the USA, but it's an amazing success on the old continent. And Sweden could be called the new California, because the number of bands with high musical quality level coming from the country is amazing. And AGE OF REFLECTION is amazing, because "A New Dawn" brings joy and good feeling to the hearts.

That musical work can be described as a blend between the soul of North American AOR/Hard/Glam Metal with the power of modern age of Swedish Glam Metal and the hooking energy of British AOR School. The result is a strong, alive and great form music, but mature. Imagine a mix between the best features of bands as EUROPE, BOSTON and JOURNEY thrown into a boiling AOR cauldron, add to it their own musical personality, and let their music roar. Yes, it's barely a description of what can be found on this album filled with charming melodies, catchy choruses and living energy. Yes, it's truly excellent!

Erik Mårtensson made the mixing and mastering of what the sextet recorded on their studio. The result: a clean and defined sound quality, with everything on its due place, always with the right volume and effects to be understood by the listener, but there is that vital touch of distortion (that every Rock album must bear). And such sonority fits perfectly on what the band plays.

Mature and catchy, "A New Dawn" was destined to conquer. And the hooks done on the amazing "A New Dawn" (melodic, tender and what a great chorus), on the lovely seduction in form of music called "Stay With Me" (excellent backing vocals, vocals and guitars) and "Here I Stand" (these keyboards gives the song a good melodic taste), on the melodic embrace given by "Until Death Do Us Part" (a strong and solid work of bass guitar and drums on the rhythmic session), on the charming ballad "What If I Break" (another excellent chorus), on the Swedish Heavy Rock energy shown on "Go", and... Who cares about more words than that? Hear the album from the beginning to its end, and you all will turn on the repeat function on the CD player!

"A New Dawn" is the kind of album that demands a physical copy at home, because AGE OF REFLECTION is here to stay and conquer you all. And you're lucky for that!

10 / 10









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"A New Dawn" Track-listing:

1. Aurora
2. A New Dawn
3. Stay With Me
4. Here I Stand
5. Until Death Do Us Part
6. What If I Break
7. Go
8. Never Alone Again
9. (I Just) Died in Your Arms
10. Write It on the Wall
11. Can't Let Go

Age of Reflection Lineup:

Lars Nygren - Lead Vocals
Carl Berglund - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jonas Nordqvist - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jan Skärming - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jens Ruttgeroth - Keyboards
Peppe Vikman - Drums, Backing Vocals

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