Corpse War

African Corpse

An intense Death / Thrash Metal with good technique that can for sure make the […]
November 4, 2013
African Corpse - Corpse War album cover

An intense Death / Thrash Metal with good technique that can for sure make the walls tremble down. This is what the German quartet AFRICAN CORPSE is up to, with their first coming album, "Corpse War".

Not trying to sound "old fashioned", these guys really got a good result with extremely harsh high pitch voices with some low grunts, solid and strong guitar riffs and a technique and heavy rhythm kitchen, but without tearing out the melodies, so, get ready for a moshpit.

Sound flowing with good quality from the speakers (what means that a good sound production was made), an efficient artwork that makes the listener feels the band's message, a political speech against poverty around the Earth.

There are some great moments in their work, like "Corpse War", the oppressive mid tempo "Death Sentence" (good vocals, indeed), the iconic and fast "I Hate You", "Save My Soul" (a more slower and aggressive song, with some astonishing guitar riffs), and the excellent "Helen of Troy" (with some elements of Death Metal, specially the vocals). But all of us can be sure that they can do better than this. It's not bad, don't get the wrong idea, please, but it's not all that they can do.

For now, it's a very good breakthrough, but we hope that AFRICAN CORPSE can come soon with a better way of kicking asses and slaying our souls.

7 / 10


"Corpse War" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Corpsewar
3. Death Sentence
4. African Corpse
5. I Hate You
6. Save My Soul
7. Enemy Mine
8. War (R)evolution
9. Helen of Troy
10. Schizophrenia
11. Slaves of Terror
12. Look Behind

African Corpse Lineup:

Christopher Aldinger - Vocals, Guitar
Alexander Klein - Guitar
Daniel Rieth - Bass
Conner Nelson - Drums

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