World Targets in Megadeaths

Acid Force

The new album of this Thrash Metal quartet comes to break necks and rip ears!
January 3, 2024

Since the end of dictatorship of URSS in Eastern Europe countries, more and more bands are coming from the region, defying the rules and domination of many. It’s common to have Death Metal and Black Metal acts storming from the East of Europe, but unusual acts as the Slovakian quartet ACID FORCE. Their second album, “World Targets in Megadeaths” is a pure whipping fury of Thrash Metal! In reality, the quartet’s music can be said as a trend into classic Thrash Metal in a Bay Area form, or in other words, a mix between speed and melodies, but here presented on a level of aggressiveness that is based on what EXODUS unleashes.

In other words, i9t’s fast, furious and violent, but allowing traces of Hardcore and dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll elements enter the mix (as heard on the ‘motörheadian’ “Fast Friday”), and some bits of Heavy Metal can be heard, all in a Metal Punk attitude. Of course that such musical way isn’t new, countless acts did (or are doing) the same, but the difference lays that the quartet shows personal traits that hooks the fans by the ear, so be prepared! The band delivered the songs of “World Targets in Megadeaths” to Miroslav Spevák to make the mixing and mastering, and the main idea was to keep things aggressive and nasty as in the early Thrash Metal releases, but with a clean and ‘updated’ form. It works, being nasty and aggressive to the bone, but in other hand, souding clean and defined as well. The guest on the album is Henrich Leško, who recorded the synthesizers of “Beyond the Concrete Fields”. The artwork is a rough work of Andrei Bouzikov that fits on the band’s music.

“World Targets in Megadeaths” is the first release of the band without their former singer, Teodor Majerík, and the first where their guitarist Andrej shows his vocals abilities. But even such change can undo the shine of the album because moments as “Out of the Trench” (a fast and furious song with massive guitar riffs and intense double bass parts on the drums), “Preachers of Mayhem” and “Fast Friday” (both with that old and good Metal Punk uncompromised appeal, with the second unleashing a very good set of guitar riffs and solos), “Rebirth of the Sun” (the intense weight on slower moments shows the grasping work of bass guitar and drums, and what very good melodies), “Praise the Atom” (another Thrash Metal song with clear Metal Punk embodiment based on filthy guitars), and… No, no, no… Listen to these ones, and to “Lightning Cops” (wonderful Heavy Metal duets and melodies on the guitars), “Beyond the Concrete Fields” and to “World Targets in Megadeaths”, because all of them are great. All of them are more than enough to make ears ring for hours and cause pains in your neck.

It must be said that “World Targets in Megadeaths” shows an amazing work, and as the quartet matures, for sure ACID FORCE can conquer a higher place into the scene.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"World Targets in Megadeaths" Track-listing:
  1. Out of the Trench
  2. Preachers of Mayhem
  3. Fast Friday
  4. Rebirth of the Sun
  5. Praise the Atom
  6. Lightning Cops
  7. Beyond the Concrete Fields
  8. World Targets in Megadeaths
Acid Force Lineup:

Andrej Petro - Guitars, Vocals
Erik Leško - Guitars
Federico Petrík - Drums
Juraj Ondrejmiška - Bass

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