The Caliginous Serenade


A fine and good US Metal band with a charming Metal attack.
May 9, 2024

The early US Heavy Metal school is still a strong influence for many actual bands, because the passion of the old days and the ‘us-against-the-world’ attitude (the same one that made bands play what they wanted, and not what was being sailed by the recording labels back then) is still in the core of their musical ways. On the musical influences, North American Hard Rock from the 70s, JUDAS PRIEST, MOTÖRHEAD and a refined technical care on playing are the usual elements heard on North American bands of any Metal genre one could think of, but’s evident on traditional Heavy Metal. One fine example of it is what is played by the Chicago-based quartet ACERUS, as heard on their latest release, “The Caliginous Serenade”.

Daniel Corchado (the band’s bass and guitar player) signs the mixing and mastering of “The Caliginous Serenade” (and the artwork as well). And it seems the main idea for the sound quality was to be something filled with a 80s ambience, or in other words, trying to be as organic as possible, but without denying the need to be defined. The final result is very good, although it could be better (their music demands more than is offered on the album). The songs are a fine sample of what acts as THE RODS, RIOT, RUTHLESS, OMEN, SAVAGE GRACE, ICED EARTH, SANCTUARY, MANILLA ROAD, WARLORD, TURANT, LIZZY BORDEN, MALICE and others delivered and offered, or in other words, the true US Heavy Metal. Pay attention to the combination of weight and melodies, the fine instrumental arrangements (the shreds on the guitars are truly great), the ‘halfordian’ ways of the vocals, the amazing energy and you’ll be into what the band delivers. And friends, it’s truly very good!

The songs are all very good, and offer the fans a good experience. But moments as “Dying Consciousness of an Old God” (very good mix between weight, aggressiveness ad melodies, with fine vocals’ parts), “The Perception” (the focus in on a more melodic and heavier outfit, with emphasis on a more dramatic appeal, but always with excellent leads and riffs of the guitars), “Failing Vision” (another moment with a dramatic/epic appeal due the good vocals, but with a heavier and solid work on bass guitar and drums), “The Serpent is King” (a faster and charming song with excellent melodies), “Preparation” (a sinister and darkened set of melodies on this one is enough to make anyone surrender), “Towards the Enigma of No Return” (another fine piece of epic shards, all based on heavier instrumental and a god interpretation of the vocals), and… Well, the best is to listen to “Prevail”, “Fourth Pentacle” and “The Caliginous Serenade” (this one lasts more than 10 minutes of pure musical pleasure) as well, or in other words, hear all the songs to have a full experience on the band’s music.

Though “The Caliginous Serenade” isn’t a perfect release or even a masterpiece, it’s enough to expect great things of ACERUS in the future (just a better production and some adjustments, and all will be great).

8 / 10









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"The Caliginous Serenade" Track-listing:
  1. Dying Consciousness of an Old God
  2. The Perception
  3. Failing Vision
  4. The Serpent is King
  5. Preparation
  6. Towards the Enigma of No Return
  7. Prevail
  8. Fourth Pentacle
  9. The Caliginous Serenade
Acerus Lineup:

Esteban Julian Pena - Vocals
Edward Escamilla - Guitars
Daniel Corchado - Guitars, Bass, Effects
Mario Hernandez - Drums

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