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Due many historical conceptions, a live album comes to close to a chapter in a […]
December 16, 2020
Absolva - Live in Europe album cover

Due many historical conceptions, a live album comes to close to a chapter in a band's career (what "Tokyo Tapes" represents to SCORPIONS), or to crown a very good moment on a band's career (it's what "Life After Death" is for IRON MAIDEN, and maybe their only live release that deserves praises). But some of them have no deeper compromises; it's just to record a band playing a show. And that's what "Live in Europe" seems to be to the UK based quartet ABSOLVA.

Their musical work is a fine and modern mix between 70% of traditional Heavy Metal with 30% of melodic Hard Rock, sounding something melodic and catchy, with very good choruses, but with a clear heavy weight tendency and an energetic grasp that is amazing. Yes, their work isn't something new, but it's really amazing in a way that the more you hear, the more you like and want to hear again. The album has songs recorded on different shows between 2015 and 2019, and the one who worked on the mixing and mastering of "Live in Europe" deserves praises. It really sound clean and defined, but without tearing apart the live ambience of the songs, and preserving the energy of the band. It's a great work, indeed.

All the songs are really amazing, showing very good energetic performances. But the energy and hooks of "Life on the Edge" and "Rise Again", the massive rhythmic weight of "Never a Good Day to Die", the massive German weighty essence of "Live for the Fight", the clear Hard 'n' Roll touch on the melodies of "Defiance", the melodic brutality of "Victimiser", and the hit "Code Red" are the best one between the ten songs and... WAIT A MINUTE! Why in the blazes this release just have only ten songs? These guys deserve a double live album, because it's great! And let me express a personal idea: I wasn't introduced to their work, but with this live album, they have gained one more fan!

Yes, their music is so catchy and tender, but with an amazing energy and personality, that ABSOLVA is showing on "Live in Europe" that they're going to have the same commercial praise that names as VOLBEAT. Listen to this album and understand what these words mean.

10 / 10









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"Live in Europe" Track-listing:

1. Life on the Edge
2. Rise Again
3. Never a Good Day to Die
4. Never Back Down
5. Live for the Fight
6. Defiance
7. No Tomorrow
8. Harsh Reality
9. Victimiser
10. Code Red

Absolva Lineup:

Chris Appleton - Vocals, Lead Guitars
Luke Appleton - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Karl Schramm - Bass
Martin McNee - Drums

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