Private Judgment Day

Aborted Fetus

Well, those who know Brutal Death Metal have only two ways to go: or love […]
December 24, 2013
Aborted Fetus - Private Judgment Day album cover

Well, those who know Brutal Death Metal have only two ways to go: or love it or detest it to the very core of their souls. There's no midterm, that's the way the things are, but there are bands that really do something very good, as ABORTED and DYING FETUS, but the Russian quartet ABORTED FETUS, an experienced band, reveals to be a good name in their new album, "Private Judgment Day".

Extreme guitar riffs, fast and heavy bass and drums works, piggish vocals, but doing nothing different that was done before, and in better ways. It's good, but could be way better.

Good sound production, making the band clear and heavy, without tearing apart that "dirty" and "bloody" feeling that the style requires, but something on drums could be better (the snare drum is sounding strangely). And the artwork, well, it's very cool... if you're a kind of sadist or have some kind of black mood.

As said above, the band is good, showing a work that is fine at fast moments and on the slower ones, but the feeling of "I heard that somewhere before" is too strong. The better tracks are "Private Judgment Day" (good guitars, in some fine and slower moments), "Malignant Pregnancy" (the drums are doing a great work on this song), and "Gastronomic Confession" (bass and vocals are fine here). They got the better results in the longest songs, so it would a way for them in the future, and use of piggish screams really are excessive.

A good band, but this time it's nothing different.

7 / 10


"Private Judgment Day" Track-listing:

1. Savage Dominance
2. Necropolis Demography
3. Garden of Kidney Stones
4. Fuck in a Pesthole
5. Private Judgment Day
6. Malignant Pregnancy
7. Gastronomic Confession
8. Brown Totem
9. Guinea Pig
10. Morning Inferno

Aborted Fetus Lineup:

Alexander "Implant" - Vocals
Alexander "Meatgrinder" Chernishev - Vocals, Guitars
Roman Kozodoy - Bass
Andrew - Drums

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