Without reinventing Modern Metal tendencies, this quintet offers a fine piece of music to the fans!
November 24, 2023

The names ‘modern’ or ‘new’ aren’t making sense anymore, because the musical forms of Metal genres of acts labeled in such way are older than 20 years, so it’s not something new at all by now. But taking in consideration that such tendencies are still showing some promising new works, because younger acts on such genres seems to not fear changes or trials, and besides the use of clichés can be heard on “EndEx”, the work of 3TEETH is really very good. One could easily label their musical work as a form of Industrial Metal/Rock, but’s such thing would not depict the reality of their musical mix: obviously Industrial Metal features are clear, but mixed with influences of Metalcore, New Metal, Gothic Rock, Post Punk and many more.

It’s aggressive, nasty and full of manic hooks for their fans, but for anyone who’s used to such genres, their music shines with personality, for the band’s breathing new life into a genre, filling it with contrasts in a way that keep things catchy and nasty, ferocious and charming, and filled with contrasts between aggressive and tender moments. Yes, it’s really a very good experience to deal with this album. Chase and Xavier (both members of the band) worked with the sound engineering and mixing of the songs along with Sean Beavan, Zakk Cervini and Nicholas Rowe, with the mastering done by Will Borza. So the album sounds in an Industrial Metal way: frantic, chaotic and aggressive, but defined and understandable for anyone. And as guests, the band worked with the Hip Hop band Ho99o9 on the vocals on “Paralyze”.

The band’s music could be translated into a fine and personal combination of elements of MINISTRY, NINE INCH NAILS, SOAD, SLIPKNOT, LINKIN’ PARK and others, but again: they show a lot of personality on their 12 excellent songs. Their furious and massive Industrial Metal onslaught is imposed on songs as “Xenogenesis” (a chaotic combination of hypnotic Gothic Rock traces and Industrial Rock effects with nasty contrasts on vocals), “Acme Death Machine” and “Slum Planet” (two frantic Industrial/New Metal moments filled with a greasy energy and massive guitar riffs), “Merchant of the Void” (another massive Gothic/Industrial song with catchy silk parts contrasting with apotheotic moments with effects and keyboards contrasting with a brutal bass guitar and drums’ work on the rhythms), “ALI3N” (this is where New Metal side of their music becomes evident, with many accessible moments), “Paralyze” (the presence of the Ho99o9 on vocals helped a lot to give a more ample insight on such aspect on the song due its Hip Hop speech with Industrial approach), and “Drift” (a more accessible Industrial/New Metal moment on the album). But pay attention to their personal version for the old Pop hymn “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, of TEARS FOR FEARS, here in a more Industrial Rock way.

3TEETH really did a surprising work on “EndEx” (especially because it was composed during the Covid-19 pandemic), and it seems that they really have a lot to give to the genre, so listen to the album, praise the band and wish them success.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"EndEx" Track-listing:
  1. Xenogenesis
  2. Acme Death Machine
  3. Slum Planet
  4. What’s Left
  5. Merchant of the Void
  6. Higher Than Death
  7. ALI3N
  8. Plutonomicon
  9. Paralyze
  10. Scorpion
  11. Drift
  12. Everybody Wants to Rule the World
3Teeth Lineup:

Alexis Mincolla - Vocals
Chase Brawner - Guitars
Xavier Swafford - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Andrew Means - Bass
Nick Rossi - Drums

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