Testament, Prophecy at Circo Voador (2017)

Circo Voador (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Testament, Prophecy
  Well, on a cold and rainy afternoon, the city of Rio de Janeiro received […]
August 20, 2017


Well, on a cold and rainy afternoon, the city of Rio de Janeiro received for the third time a show from TESTAMENT, one of most legendary bands in the North American Thrash Metal scene. As an opening act, we were treated to the city-based Thrash Metal band PROPHECY.

The venue: Circo Voador, a very good place for a show that is at Lapa with a good capacity and fine space, with everything that a venue for Metal shows can offer. Exactly at 19 O'clock, PROPHECY came to the stage, unleashing a good show for the public on the venue (at that time, there was a good amount of people there).



Honoring the traditions of Guanabara Bay Area Thrash Metal, Rogério "Zetro" Avlis (guitars, vocals), along with Hector Ribeiro (guitars, backing vocals), Rafael Lobato (drums) and Roger Avlis (bass guitar, backing vocals), came and made the ears of many start to bleed with their violent and intense Thrash Metal style, influenced by bands as TESTAMENT and EXODUS.



Rogério is a long time veteran in the scene, so he had a very good performance on the stage, singing, playing and with good communication with the public. Hector was concentrating on his guitar, because it was his first show with the band. Rafael is one of the finest drummers from the Brazilian Metal scene, showing his very good technique. Roger is a powerhouse on the stage, moving, singing, interacting with people.

Their set was short, but they played songs from their album "Legions of Violence", having a good sound quality (a bit drier than the right point, but it was good), as "When Insanity Calls", "Risen from Hell", "Agony Within", along with their classical song "Lying Prophets" (from their early Demo Tape from 1991, "Dusty Inheritance"), and they ended the show with "Evilution". It was a pity that they didn't play any song from their last EP, "I4NI". But I have to ask: where's a new PROPHECY album, guys?


1. Intro
2. When Insanity Calls
3. Risen from Hell
4. Empty Life
5. Agony Within
6. Lying Prophets
8. Evilution

After a time for resting, drinking something and a cigarette, an intro started to play just a few minutes after 20 O'Clock.

Yes, TESTAMENT was coming to the stage, finally. Let me tell you something: if you dream of playing in a Thrash Metal band, you must see one of their shows, because the quintet is one of the best and funniest bands on a live performance. Although the band seemed a bit tired (a consequence of long tours), they were excellent once more.



Chuck Billy still sings in an excellent form, with very good attitude and great communication with the public (he is truly kind with everyone), and even telling stories of the old days. Eric Peterson is like a Thrash Metal version of Malcolm Young: he stays at his place, concentrated on his guitar and backing vocals, but moving as a hairy tornado. Alex Skolnick (guitars) and Steve DiGiorgio are excellent not only playing, but their attitude and mise en scène on the stage are great (Steve seemed to be having fun playing on this show). And on the drums, the precision and heavy weight of Gene Hoglan's playing, always technical and heavy as Hell.


As their actual tour is to spread their latest album, called "Brotherhood of the Snake", they played three songs of it: "Brotherhood of the Snake" (hailed by all at the venue), "The Pale King" and "Centuries of Suffering". But, as an experienced band as they are, they played some old and good songs as well.

The reaction of the public to songs as "Rise Up" (where Chuck called the public to sing with him the chorus), "Into the Pit" (once more with Chuck calling our attention, because he acted as he was boiling something on a cauldron), the melodic "Low", the the aces: "Practice What You Preach", "Souls of Black" (between them both, they played the funny instrumental "Urotsukidôji"), "The New Order", and the first hit of the band, "Over the Wall".



They left the stage, but as the public was calling for the band, they got back and unleashed the old classic "Disciples of the Watch", remind some of us of their first show on the city, back in 1989.

Oh, are you asking about moshpits? There were many during all the show, but is there a TESTAMENT show without them?

A great and funny night, but an idiot threw water on Steve during the show. I believe that education is something that your parents must give to you, and if not, maybe police must take this kind of jerk out the place next time.


1. Brotherhood of the Snake
2. More Than Meets the Eye
3. Rise Up
4. The Pale King
5. Centuries of Suffering
6. Electric Crown
7. Into the Pit
8. Stronghold
9. Low
10. Practice What You Preach
12. Urotsukidôji
13. Souls of Black
14. The New Order
15. Over the Wall
16. Alone in the Dark
17. Disciples of the Watch

There's one last point that I'd like to speak about: time. Yes, the production worked precisely on it, and the time chosen for both bands' shows was a wise decision. Yes, because a greater part of the public had to work early in the morning on the next day.

And I'm sorry for the picture quality. I'm not a photographer, and couldn't find one who could kindly give me the right to use his/hers pics (even with Metal Temple giving the credits for it).

At last, I'd like to thank to Liberation MC and to The Ultimate Music – PR, for making this live review possible.

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