Soulfly, Suicidal Tendencies at Circo Voador (2013)

Circo Voador (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

Soulfly, Suicidal Tendencies
In a very cold and raining night (a strange situation at Rio de Janeiro), Blog'n'Roll […]
August 27, 2013
In a very cold and raining night (a strange situation at Rio de Janeiro), Blog'n'Roll Produções brought a great event to the city: Max Cavalera's SOULFLY is coming back to Brazilian lands (for the release of Cavalera's self-biography, "My Bloody Roots"), along with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (on their tour for "13" promotion).

Circo Voador's doors were open at 8:00, and at 9:30, SUICIDAL TENDECIES entered the stage, with the introduction of "You Can't Bring Me Down" played by the band itself, and so, when Mike Muir came and asked "What the Hell is Going on Around Here?" (Music's first line), the whole damn place became a pandemonium of slam dancing.


Of course the band was in a very good shape. Dean Pleasants and Nico Santora had a good stage movement, and play their parts very well (besides some can miss Rocky George on solos). Tim "Rawbiz" Williams played his bass with a lot of groove and funk parts, showing that there's no reason to miss Robert Trujillo, and Eric Moore slammed his drums with a very heavy technique. About Mike Muir, I urge to come to the following notion: his age doesn't matter, for he is insane and sings the very same way as was in the 90, never in one place, at least for long, and of course communicating very well with the audience.


"Smash it!", the classics "War Inside My Head", "Freedumb" and "Cyco Vision" raised the crowd and made everyone to sing along while creating a moshpit out of the trenches. When SUICIDAL TENDENCIES played "Pledge Your Alliance", the band was saluted effusively and applauded, and as Muir called "only two or three fans on the stage", more than 20 people came to the stage and saluted the band, but without harming anyone, just to hug their idols, as Moore put the drums down (literally!).

The Cyco Quintet leave a very hard work for SOULFLY to reach the same result with the audience, but a band where Max Cavalera is in has a very strong link with Brazilian populace.



1. You Can't Bring Me Down
2. Smash It!
3. War Inside My Head
4. Subliminal
5. Freedumb
6. Who's Afraid?
7. Possessed to Skate
8. Cyco Vision
9. Slam City
10. I Saw Your Mommy
11. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
12. Pledge Your Allegiance


After some time of waiting (for putting the sound gear online for SOULFLY), Pisca (manager from Pisca Produções) came to the stage, and with a very inspiring small talk, first made a homage to Roberto Pascarella (the main manager of Blog'n'Roll Produções), for his fine work bring very good events to the city. After, he introduced Max Cavalera to the audience.

SOULFLY was finally on stage, starting their show with "Plata o Plomo", followed by "Prophecy" and "Back to the Primitive", and again an immense slam dancing circle appeared, urging more people into the moshpit. Watching this band was a very striking experience, with lots of energy. Marc Rizzo (lead guitar) and Tony Campos (bass guitar) played very well, having an excellent stage presence, agitating all the time, as the drummer Juan Karlos Lora German (no, Zyon Cavalera didn't play this gig) plays very well, but Max Cavalera is an icon in Brazil, having a very good posture on stage, as well he had the public in his hands, as well as his communication and sympathy creates a great synergy with all in the audience.


Obviously, a show with Cavalera is a reminder of SEPULTURA, so various versions of some classics from the band were played, as "Refuse/Resist", "Straighthate", a medley of "Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells", and obviously "Roots Bloody Roots", as one for NAILBOMB's "Wasting Away". One fine moment was when Richie Cavalera (Cavalera's stepson and INCITE's singer) came to the stage to sing "Bloodshed". And we could hear between the songs some parts from classics songs from another bands, as "We Will Rock You" (from QUEEN), "Walk" (from PANTERA), and when "Jumpdafuckup" / "Eye for an Eye" came, bringing an end to their show, Cavalera made a stage dive, making SOULFLY's crew becoming  desperate, but the audience carried him in their arms. When he came back, thanked anyone, and as he left the stage, the band played a part from IRON MAIDEN's "The Trooper".


A great show, indeed, and thanks a lot to Blog'n'Roll Produções for their professionalism and excellent job.

SOULFLY setlist:

1. Plata o Plomo
2. Prophecy
3. Back to the Primitive
4. Defeat U
5. Seek 'N' Strike
6. Refuse/Resist (SEPULTURA cover)
7. Territory (SEPULTURA cover)
8. Blood Fire War Hate
9. Wasting Away (NAILBOMB cover)
10. Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells (SEPULTURA cover)
11. Straighthate (SEPULTURA cover)
12. I and I
13. Babylon
14. Bloodshed
15. Attitude (SEPULTURA cover)
16. Roots Bloody Roots  (SEPULTURA cover) (With "Walk")
17. Jumpdafuckup / Eye for an Eye"(with "We Will Rock You"/"The Trooper")

** Extra Special Thanks to DANIEL CROCE for the fine photography 

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