Opeth at Fuzz Club (2009)

Fuzz Club (Athens, Greece)

Allow me to be poetic. Remember remember the Fifth of December, Death Metal, good music […]
December 5, 2009

Allow me to be poetic. Remember remember the Fifth of December, Death Metal, good music we sought. I see no reason why death metal, good music, should ever be forgot…. OPETH is one of the bands that makes me proud to be a metalhead. Put in a blender classic metal, death, some PINK FLOYD and some DEEP PURPLE and you have one of the most remarkable bands your ears have ever been graced to listen.

So needless to say, I was there yet again to another one of their shows. Last time the conditions under which the live show happened were adverse to say the least, not allowing me to properly pay attention to what was going on the stage. This time their show was scheduled at a real place for live shows, Fuzz Club at a new location and I have to say that my first impressions of this new club were very good. The band appeared on stage around 21:40. The set list was pretty much the one they've been playing for the entire tour. Once again I will feel like repeating myself mentioning for the zillionth time in a live report about OPETH that they were flawless, Mikael was in a great mood and he wouldn't pass a chance to make a joke at most breaks between songs.

He also mentioned that they will be taking the next year off so, they can record their new album and since this was their last show they felt like they should go and have some fun, so they made some 80s metal impressions of how people used to play on stage and I have to admit they were spot on and damn funny.
The sound was very good and everything went smooth. They even played the first part of "Bleak" which almost set the place on fire. Yet another great performance from one of the greatest bands.

OPETH setlist:

01. "Windowpane"
02. "Ghost of Perdition"
03. "The Lotus Eater"
04. "The Leper Affinity"
05. "April Ethereal"
06. "Hessian Peel"
07. "Face of Melinda"
08. "Reverie_Harlequin Forest"
09. "Hex Omega"

10. "Bleak" (First Part)
11. "Deliverance"

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