Nervosa, Siriun and more at La Esquina (2017)

La Esquina (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Nervosa, Siriun, Vorgok
Here in Brazil, we are feeling the hot weather from the summer. But on this […]
December 10, 2017

Here in Brazil, we are feeling the hot weather from the summer. But on this day, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, we had the opportunity to check HEADBANGER FEST, an event with three bands: the Thrash Metal revelation VORGOK (RJ), the complex Extreme Progressive Metal band SIRIUN (RJ), and the Thrash Metal Brazilian queens NERVOSA (SP). Gratitude must be given to Headbanger Produções for allowing us to work on the festival and Joseph Silva from Joseph Silva Photographer who gently allowed us to use his pics from the festival - they are the ones who made our covering of the event possible.

La Esquina is a new venue in Lapa (RJ), and it is becoming famous due its pub-like interior and the air conditioning (remember that Rio de Janeiro is a very hot city). And Headbanger Produções create very good conditions for the bands and fans, as well selling merchandising from all the bands before the beginning of shows.

Kickstarting the event, VORGOK entered the stage and made a very good show.

Edu Lopez (vocals, guitars), Bruno Tavares (guitars, backing vocals), João Wilson (bass guitar) and Marvin "Barba" Tabosa (drums) unleashed an energetic and very good set, especially considering that there wasn't a lot of space on the stage.

The band plays a form of Old School Thrash Metal, having as influences the fast and violent moments from EXODUS and SLAYER, but with some bits of CELTIC FROST and DEATH as well. It is also filled with an aggressive personality, and it's a rush of raw and brutal energy as well.

Due the stage size, the band wasn't moving as much they can, except for Bruno, that when stopped in one place, is a headbanging vortex of hair, and performs in the same savage way as the bassist Wilson. Martin's extreme and brutal drumming matched perfectly with the band, and he showed a very good work on tempos. And Edu displayed very good communication with the public, but always focusing his attention on his guitars and vocals.

All the songs came from their first album, "Assorted Evils", which was released last year. The violent and fast "Deception in Disguise", followed by the brutal and insane rush of power of "Hunger" were great moments, and the band played and buried the axes until ending their set with "Man Wolf to Man".

Do you want some Thrash Metal insanity? Then VORGOK is your best choice!


  1. Mass Funeral at Sea (intro)
  2. Deception in Disguise
  3. Hunger
  4. Antagonistic Hostility
  5. Last Nail in Our Coffin
  6. Kill Them Dead
  7. Hell's Portrait
  8. Headless Children
  9. Man Wolf to Man

After a break for drinking some water and going to the bathroom, SIRIUN were next climb the stage.

Of course their musical style astonished some fans that were in the venue for Thrash Metal, but proving that Metal is Metal (fuck off the labels, please), they earned some more fans.

Alexandre Castellan (vocals, guitars), Elvis Damigo (guitars), Ricardo Amorim (bass guitar) and Bráulio Drumond (drums) showed tons of energy on the technical insight of the band's musical personality. And let me tell you something: at a live show, their songs gained more energy and became drier than in the studio, as you can all see on SIRIUN's first album, "In Chaos We Trust".

Alexandre plays guitars and sings in a good way, and shows some fine communication with the public whilst Elvis focuses his attention on his guitar. Ricardo is a madman on the stage, banging and moving a lot (remember that the stage dimensions are small). And Bráulio is one of the finest drummers in Brazil, showing his fine technique and heavy weight drumming on the tempos.

Their set was very good, containing great songs like "Intent", "Spread of Hate" and "In Chaos We Trust"; and they also played a version for "Spheres of Madness", from Polish band DECAPITATED.

A very good band to see, indeed!


  1. Intent
  2. Mass Control
  3. Spread of Hate
  4. Infected
  5. Spheres of Madness
  6. In Chaos We Trust
  7. Transmutation

One more break to change the sound gears and the great name of the night arrives: NERVOSA.

There was a little delay due the setting of the sound gear, but Fernanda Lira (bass guitar, vocals), Prika Amaral (guitars, backing vocals) and Luana Dametto (drums) showed that this delay wasn't anything, and unleashed a violent set.

The Brazilian Thrash Metal queens demonstrated the reason for their growing popularity, and why they are one of the greatest names of Brazilian Metal throughout the world.

Fernanda is insane on the stage, having a very good attitude, along with excellent communication with the public. Prika prefers to focus her attention on her guitars, but during many moments she was banging her head. And Luana is great drummer, showing great strength while she was hitting the drum kit as there was no tomorrow.

A funny moment: someone was barking like a dog (exactly as a dog, to be honest), and some guy started to sing "it is NERVOSA", and the other guy barked in the same way of the known Rap song "Who Let the Dogs Out", from BAHA MEN. It was a funny moment that earned loud laughter from everyone on the venue. Well, Metal is to be fun as well.

Mixing songs from all their releases, the best moments could be heard as the band played "Hypocrisy", the head destroyer "Arrogance" and the classic song "Death!"; along with "Masked Betrayer", the brutal "Hostages" and "Into Moshpit", and some slamdacing started to surge.

A perfect show!


  1. Hypocrisy
  2. Arrogance
  3. Surrounded by Serpents
  4. Failed System
  5. Death!
  6. Intolerance Means War
  7. Masked Betrayer
  8. Hostages
  9. Victim of Yourself
  10. Guerra Santa
  11. Theory of Conspiracy
  12. Uranio em Nos
  13. Into Moshpit

Very good bands, a good venue, and let's hope that Headbanger Produções can keep doing very good events, because it seems that after a dark time here, Rio de Janeiro's scene is growing yet again!

Text: Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia
Photos: Joseph Silva (Joseph Silva Photographer)

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