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DEMON is a legendary name from NWOBHM, because their mix between classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal had a strong appeal on those times. Albums as "Night of the Demon", "The Unexpected Guest" and "The Plague" earned many fans to their musical work. But time passed by, DEMON entered on a long hiatus, but they are back, and released their new album "Cemetery Junction" on last October. And we had a chance to speak with the English Demons to talk about the past, the present and future plans of the band.
January 9, 2017
Dave Hill (Demon) interview
First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity. The first one is very simple: DEMON had a strong name due "Night of the Demon", "The Unexpected Guest" and "The Plague", but you had to stop back in the 90s. What is the reason for this?

Back in the 90s we took a break from recording after releasing our ninth studio album, I took time out to record a solo album but we did continue to do live dates.

DEMON came back of the grave on 2001, releasing "Spaced Out Monkey", your first album in nine years, but what were the reasons for you to come back?

 "Spaced Out Monkey" was the outcome of our second phase of our recording career, we felt it was time to get back into the studio and make some serious music.

And since DEMON came back, you released three albums. But the moment is another, with illegal downloads ruining the record labels and the band gaining more freedom to do albums, but with great difficulties to distribute them and to divulgate their work. Was the whole business a bit easier back on the times from "Night of the Demon" or today is easier? And what is the main difference between the times in your opinion?

In the "Night of the Demon" days there was only one real way to record, release and promote and sell your music, but today the world is at your fingertips so like it or hate it you have to go along with it or get left behind, in the case of DEMON it has been a great window to the new world.

And now, you released "Cemetery Junction". What is the concept behind the title of the album? I believe that there's one…

"Cemetery Junction", the idea behind the album was to try and make the ultimate DEMON album, full (no fillers) of classic Rock songs, great lyrics, classic arrangements and production and an album you'll want to play time and time again to discover more hidden gems below the surface, did we do it? Only time will tell.

"Cemetery Junction" was released independently. The reason for that is that you didn't find a record label, or was it just a matter of control of what you wanted your music to be?

We have been happy with our own record label and distributors for a long time now and with Mike Stone in charge (manager and producer) we have a very strong team.

This one is extremely simple: who produced the album? And how was the composing process of the songs of "Cemetery Junction"? And are you fully satisfied with the final result?

Album produced by Mike Stone and DEMON, we're all very happy with the album and the great‎ reaction from fans and press.

How do you compare it with the older albums, especially with "Night of the Demon" and "The Unexpected Guest"?

You can't really compare it with those albums of more than thirty years ago and I've always said we don't want to make the same album twice but what people are saying is that the new album contains the same great songs and power of "Night of the Demon", "The Unexpected Guest", "The Plague" and leaves the listener in no doubt this DEMON.

You are an old band, from the beginning of the NWOBHM. And today, there's a revival from names of those times, as you, QUARTZ, TYGERS OF PAN TANG and many more. But there are new bands trying to sound as you or those guys. What do you think about it?

It's quite rewarding/flattering to know that some of the new bands want to sound like us and makes you feel proud your music has travelled this far.

Still speaking about this matter, DEMON is about to become a 40 years old veteran, but your music is still fresh and filled with energy. What is the secret formula, the Holy Grail to sound so alive and full of energy after such time?

Alive and full of energy, I've always strived to do a better album, better live show and generally want to better what has gone before so I think this keeps the excitement and drive going for perfection.

And what about shows? The album is on the store, so it means that shows are coming. Is there tours planned for now? And do you have plans to go to countries where DEMON never was before? Hope Brazil and South America are on your plains…

Live shows, I've always said DEMON would be prepared to play anywhere in the world, South America and Japan would be very nice if any promoter is listening. You can contact Mike Stone via the – www.demon.com.

Well, time to end. I thank you again, even more due I'm a fan of yours since the 80s, and the space is all yours for your message for our readers.

Great to speak to you, Marcos. I'd like to say to all your readers, have a great life, keep rocking and if you only buy one album this year make sure it's "Cemetery Junction" by DEMON, I know you won't regret it, see you on the next tour.

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