Freddy Curci is back with an album that will please all of his fans. That's […]
By Grigoris Chronis
February 6, 2007
Zion - Zion album cover

Freddy Curci is back with an album that will please all of his fans. That's for sure. Even if his voice is not in the same level as in his glorious (late) 70s/80s days, Zion succeeds in presenting a good doze of Canadian AOR blend appropriate for your night drive on a moonlight night. Would you need something different?
ZION must be another 'one-off' project, and - to tell you the truth - it's getting a little bit tiring to see half of the Frontiers roster consisting of artists never meant to carry on together again... Anyway, ZION features the wonderful voice of the ex-SHERIFF/ALIAS vocalist, a  singer with capabilities similar to the ones of outstanding frontmen like Steve Perry (JOURNEY), Brad Delp (BOSTON) and Kevin Cronin (R.E.O. SPEEDWAGON). More than this (some trivia here) Freddy got into the World Records Book for holding a note for almost 30 seconds (was it 1983?).
Now, eighteen years after the towering success of ALIAS (one and only) same-titled debut, ZION presents Curci ready to carry on his own legacy with some interesting songs (penned  by who?) sung exceptionally. Curci is sentimental, Curci is aching, Curci is a rocker, Curci is free, Curci respects his history. Thus, 'classic' AOR devotees will find real importance in Zion and tunes like e.g. Dangerous and The Devil's Dance will accompany your dancing within the wonderful - it's the truth - production in this album.
ZION is here to stay? I strongly doubt. Still, it's a fine attempt for Freddy Curci and - if the album scores some good sales - we may hear from him again. Who knows?

7 / 10


"Zion" Track-listing:

All It Takes is a Minute
How Much Longer Is Forever
One Man Alone
I'm Running Home
Everybody's Watching
No Surprise
The Sky Is Falling
The Devil's Dance
Who Do You Think You Are
Crash The Mirror

Zion Lineup:

Freddy Curci - Vocals
Jason Hook - Guitar
Joey Scoleri - Guitar
Paul Marangoni - Drums
Joey Greco - Drums
Ken Malandrino - Bass
Ross Greene - Keyboards
Fabrizio Grossi - Bass

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