No Limit to the Evil

Zero Down

From a first glance at ZERO DOWN's artwork it is clear that this album is […]
By Isha Shah
January 29, 2015
Zero Down - No Limit to the Evil album cover

From a first glance at ZERO DOWN's artwork it is clear that this album is focused on the traditional Metal music who dose not give a fuck about what people want but are making this record because they want to. Lasting from 2002, the five-piece have managed to self release their prior albums adding "No Limit to the Evil", being their latest.

With a sense of JUDAS PRIEST mixed with MOTORHEAD and STEEL PANTHER, ZERO DOWN do have a mainstream appearance to them when it comes to the Metal society, with similar sounds explored in this record.

With a clear introduction, "Return of the Godz" sets in a mammoth of a guitar riff that is then followed up by a scream of vocals before joined by a menacing sound of The Darkness. Lyrically the song is talking about natural distorts, very close to nature, not appealing to hold strong the band are venturing out of the typical generic themes which adds to their "not a care" attitude.

Packed with lengthy songs, the first one is at the bitter weight of them all, as soon as you think the song has changed, you're mistaken. A beautiful guitar solo overthrows the track before retuning to the main chorus. Feeling like this track could have just ended before, it drags out too long for the audience to feel an unexpected round of the chorus yet again.

Each track stands on their own feet, not mixing into another or getting monotonous which is something we should praise ZERO DOWN for, as most modern Metal records do hold a sense of repetition which is quite frankly bland and boring. "Cold Winters Night" revives the album with its upbeat and repetitive lyrical content that stays implanted in your brain. With more harsh and twined vocals the constant contract adds to the bands style, strengthening their reputation. Following another catchy track, "Leche di Tigre" that delivers a constant stomp movement to be in action, the track uplifts the record.

Dating back to their true Metal routes "Suicide Girl" talks about the sexual explicit content of most song content. With deep detail in each verse, the track is joined by the chanting chorus of "TONIGHT I'M NOT LOOKING FOR LOVE, RIGHT NOW I'M JUST LOOKING FOR A QUICK FIX."

If you can get past the everlasting song lengths then the record would be ideal for any post or old school Metal lover, with a variety of tracks that tingle every sense in your body, "No Limit to the Evil" does hold a high status for ZERO DOWN.

7 / 10


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"No Limit to the Evil" Track-listing:

1.Return of the Godz
2. No Limit to the Evil
3. Devils Thorn
4. Cold Winters Night
5. Leche di Tigre
6. Phantom Host
7. Suicide Girl
8. Steve McQueen
9. Two Ton Hammer
10. Black Rhino

Zero Down Lineup:

Lenny Burnett - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Matt Fox - Guitars, Vocals
Ron E. Banner - Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Gohde - Drums
Mark "Hawk" Hawkinson - Lead Vocals

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