As The World Collapses


You know what, I actually thought this genre was dead and buried a number of […]
By Johnny Jackal
October 3, 2016
Zephyra - As The World Collapses album cover

You know what, I actually thought this genre was dead and buried a number of years ago. I scoured the internet and read that there has been a sort of revival of the Metal-Core genre (especially in Europe) in the last few years. Bands have been popping up here and there especially in 2016. I was surprised that this genre still existed and I did have some apprehensions to be perfectly honest.

A number of Metal-Core bands have (or will get out) albums coming out in 2016 like FREYA, AURAS, RSJ, THIS DYING HOUR and a number of other bands. So if I thought the genre was dead, well I was dead wrong. Let's see if there is any real evolution of the genre.

The brother-sister duo of Tony and Asa Netterbrant bring alot to the table, you definitely pinpoint the fact that they have great chemistry. If you watch their YouTube live videos, you can see they really connect on stage. They have unbridled energy and their live performances are something to see. It is quite powerful and they bring each and every night and they seem to really give their all.

Their video for ''Words of a Demagogue'' is pretty good for such a small band and you can tell they really love their craft. It's a simple video but you can detect that unbridled energy I mentioned earlier on in this review. This song might be the best off of the album because the rest of the songs sound alot alike.  The songs are highly interchangeable. They do remind me of some of the stuff that THE AGONIST are doing right now but it does not have that earworm quality I search for in new bands. If something catches my attention, I want to listen more carefully but when something sounds repetitive, I just drift off.

''As the World Collapses'' is a nice sendoff nonetheless, Its a high energy song where Asa Netterbrant just pours her heart out and screams her head off pretty much.

The album itself is a dull reminded of a genre that wasn't all that great at the beginning unfortunately. It has that awesome energy and there is alot of thought put into the songs, but it's a rather uninteresting bunch of songs lined up.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"As The World Collapses" Track-listing:

1. Words of a Demagogue
2. Virago
3. My Gift, My Curse
4. Only One
5. Resurrect the Shame
6. Tormenting T
7. Gone by Dawn
8. You Crossed the Line
9. As the World Collapses

Zephyra Lineup:

Tobias Oja - Bass
Kujtim Gashi - Drums
Tony Netterbrant - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Asa Netterbrant - Vocals

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