In My Dreams


Here's another example of the fact that Frontiers Records are masters in finding the perfect […]
By Metal Wim
March 20, 2022
Zelbo - In My Dreams album cover

Here's another example of the fact that Frontiers Records are masters in finding the perfect bands for their label. This time they had to go to Norway to find keyboardist Dag Selboskar, who is the mastermind behind this project. He has been around since 1985, when he was in the band DA VINCI. Now he's back with ZELBO. And boy, you are in for a treat. His experience is abundant in all that is displayed on "In My Dreams". You can hear it shining through in the songs, as they all have a certain air and vibe that just wants you to start singing along, which in my case definitely is not advised! Musically it is quite diverse, whilst never leaving the defined area that AOR plays around in.

Yes, this is AOR, but the version with a little bite instead of the sweet sound those bands often demonstrate. But then again, it never goes into metal territory either. I don't know why, but to me "In My Dreams" has a little bit of a progressive vibe to it, mostly due to the way the keys are played and used. It gives it all a little STYX and YES feel, which never is a bad thing. But I also hear some BAD ENGLISH and BOSTON rearing their heads in the sound of ZELBO. But with the recording techniques used there's no escaping the fact that this was recorded recently.

What makes "In My Dreams" even more special is that in spite of all I mentioned it can rival a lot of the AOR or Melodic Rock albums that were released in the heyday of the genre, being the second part of the eighties and the start of the nineties. Biggest contributor for me is vocalist Frode Vassel. What a star. He has a very clear, even, pleasant but still distinctive voice that is absolutely perfect for this kind of music.

ZELBO has really outdone themselves by making sure that this debut album will just have to be noticed by the fans of the genre. A ballad like "Wild Young And Free" just showcases how emotional these guys are when they need to whilst playing their instruments. To cut a long story short: this is good stuff. It combines such a lot of positive attributes that make up a good Melodic Rock album. Here's to hoping that they will not be just a one album band. I need more!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"In My Dreams" Track-listing:

1. In My Dreams
2. Fortune & Fame
3. Phoenix Rising
4. Head's Down
5. Wild Young And Free
6. Get Up Get Over It
7. Beautiful Flyaway
8. Next Flight To Venus
9. Small Town Girl
10. Waiting For The End
11. Every Little Thing

Zelbo Lineup:

Dag Selboskar - Keys
Ken Ingwersen - Guitars
Frode Vassel - Vocals
Sturla Nøstvik - Drums

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