Born into Chaos


Ocean City, Maryland natives YATRA present their fourth full-length album here titled "Born into Chaos." […]
Yatra - Born into Chaos album cover

Ocean City, Maryland natives YATRA present their fourth full-length album here titled "Born into Chaos." This is yet another album that came without a bio-sheet, so I had to turn to The Metal Archives to gather information on the band. The new album contains eight tracks. "Death Cantation" leads the charge. It begins with a heavy and aggressive riff, and some harsh vocals, coming somewhere between Black and Thrash Metal. The sound here isn't very inventive, however. The title track isn't much better. For being signed to a major label, I would have expected the production to be a little clearer. The riffs are simple and so are the vocals.

"Wrath of the Warmaster" begins with a faster moving pace, but unfortunately, it exposes the amateur quality of the music, especially in the drumming. The riff is at least a little more inventive, but this sound has been done many, many times before. "Terminate by the Sword" is another mediocre song with elementary riffs and vocals. Although it is aggressive and brutal, the sound is not at all creative. "Reign of Terror" opens with a faster moving riff that settles into a slow and boring grove. "Terrorizer" is, as expected, another heavy offering that does not deviate at all from the tight boundaries of the genre. The drumming isn't too bad here however, as Sean pushed himself to the pace of the guitars.

"Omens of Fire" is another subpar piece, again with riffs that are re-hashed. For the life of me, I will never figure out why bands insist on re-creating the sounds of the past without so much of a shred of their own personality. "Tormentation" closes the album. The title sets the stage for what you can expect. Unfortunately, this album was mediocre at best. It contained eight songs that sounded a lot alike, and the riffs used have been done thousands of times before. The state of affairs in American Death Metal is sad right now. This kind of "old school throwback" sound has got to just go away for good.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Born into Chaos" Track-listing:

1. Death Cantation
2. Born into Chaos
3. Wrath of the Warmaster
4. Terminate by the Sword
5. Reign of Terror
6. Terrorizer
7. Omens of Fire
8. Tormentation

Yatra Lineup:

Sean Lafferty - Drums
Maria Geisbert - Bass
Dana Helmuth - Guitars, Vocals

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