New Universal Order

X-World 5

I found the story behind the band's kind of interesting and definitely enticing; after thousand […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
June 27, 2008
X-World 5 - New Universal Order album cover

I found the story behind the band's kind of interesting and definitely enticing; after thousand years from now our planet and maybe the entire galaxy we are in, could have been destroyed leaving only five survivors. Those guys had the ultimate mission to keep Heavy Metal music alive! This is the dawn of a new era around a new world that is called X-World/5.
So, having read the story behind the band's moniker let me get you back on earth and talk about music. The band was formed in late 2005 from  Magnus Rosen (ex-HAMMERFALL) and Big Swede. In order to have a better chance on saving the world the band's founding members recruited  Reeves Gabrels and Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND) to handle the six strings and Nils K.Rue from PAGAN'S MIND to stand behind the microphone. The band says that the music influences come from the future and especially from the year of 3000. In a strange way this statement is not absolutely wrong; X-WORLD/5 deliver a quite original sound that cannot be directly labeled or categorized. One could easily throw the Progressive Metal tag and rest assure that he has done his part in describing the things that are happening in this album.
First of all, there is an industrial feeling all around the album that comes in various forms; electronic samples and 'machine' sounds are scatteres here and there while the distorted 'robot' vocals bring to mind bands like MINISTRY, ROB ZOMBIE or even MARILYN MANSON. Don't be frightened by the aforementioned influences because the album is also Heavy in the Metal way. The guitar work is excellent (could be different with those guitarists?) and you can enjoy some leads and solos from Andy that have little to do with his KING DIAMOND duties. I really like when experienced musicians get together to explore new musical territories because most of the days good things happen. This album has a lot to give and this means additional CD spins. Although there is a great variety of sounds you won't get lost at any point because the music is focused on this new hybrid. I mean you get industrial based songs like Cyberchrist or Man Machine along with Heavy guitar driven tracks as heard in Charge To War where Nils K.Rue delivers his powerful vocals with an impressive octave range. One of my personal album highlights is the most melodic Lunar Voyage that creates a delightful 'lost in space' atmosphere and comprises a shredding guitar solo and a catchy chorus.
The question is do I recommend this album? Well, you have to be prepared for something completely new and definitely experimental. From my point of view (or listening if you prefer) their experiment was 100% successful giving form to an album that has solid Heavy Metal foundations but does not afraid of visiting other territories and getting whatever elements needs. So, I answer 'yes' to the above question hoping that Heavy Metal music will be saved when the end of the world comes. Until then prepare yourselves with New Universal Order.

8 / 10


"New Universal Order" Track-listing:

Man Machine
Charge To War
Stand Up
A Cryptic Message
Crooked Cross
Lunar Voyage
New Eden

X-World 5 Lineup:

Nils K.Rue-Vocals
Reeves Gabrels - Guitars
Andy La Rocque- Guitars
Magnus Rosen - Bass
Big Swede - Drums

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