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Dark Folk/Neo Folk are genres and styles that I know absolutely nothing about it. . […]
February 15, 2021
Wynter Arvn - Abysses album cover

Dark Folk/Neo Folk are genres and styles that I know absolutely nothing about it. . I say that because I enjoyed this new album from Wÿntër Ärvń. That speaks well of the band's talent and of the genres' enjoyment.  My folk experience is limited to folk metal, a genre I also love a lot of bands in.  I had previously thought that taking the metal out of folk might sound something like what real folk does I honestly can't say that "Abysses," is an album that would go with that description.  I also tend to feel like the folk parts of most folk metal bands are a "warm" and more inviting type of ambiance but this is much more surreal and cold, but I mean that in a good way.

This style isn't something I could listen to a lot but the time I spent on "Abysses,"this was time I felt I did not waste.  It was actually a welcome distraction from all the distortion I normally throw into my ears but I would definitely have to be in a certain mood to delve further into this style. As part of the folk genre, the sound is probably what one would imagine: clean instruments, lots of deep tones, cello and woodwind instruments. The album is mostly instrumental but towards the end there are some black metal vocals. I personally feel these blackened style vocals could have been used more. Somehow, the extremes works with the obvious lighter style.

One of those tracks is the XASTHUR cover "Marcheurs de Mondes Dissonants." It is exquisitely well done and the folk music changes the black metal in a beautiful way but still sounds exciting, rich and arcane. The other track with black metal vocals, "Quand Tombe le Jour," is my favorite on the album. The music is layered with a lot of depth. There is an odd harshness to some of the notes and tones. The atmosphere is surprisingly dangerous feeling and the vocals really bring that out. I suppose in the world of folk music, this album might be considered darker and more extreme. I can't say for sure if that is true as, again, these styles are mostly unknown to me but this album is definitely permeated with a somewhat somber tone.

This album took me by surprise and pulled me out of my usual comfort zone. Despite not being familiar with this scene, "Abysses" did manage to pull me in and keep my interest.

7 / 10









"Abysses" Track-listing:

1. Nocturne II
2. Sentiero Dell'Eternita
3. Aux Aurores
4. Nocturne III
6. Abysses
7. Marcheurs de Mondes Dissonants
8. Quand Tombe le Jour

Wynter Arvn Lineup:

Wynter Arvn - Strings, Percussions, Vocals
Vittorio Sabelli - Clarinet, Arrangements

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