Eternalized In Rot


L'appel du vide is a dated-near archaic-French expression whose underlining theme and expression are both […]
By Quinten Serna
January 14, 2021
Writhing - Eternalized In Rot album cover

L'appel du vide is a dated-near archaic-French expression whose underlining theme and expression are both in reference to the sudden compulsion for immediate and ultimate self-destruction, a sensation which is so common amongst our species that the expression is a colloquialism which dances around in levity of the sensation; of a course particularly dark, niche, and intrinsic Death Metal fills these identifying concepts like a finely formed mould and WRITHING illustrates such extant motifs with their latest single, Eternalized In Rot, a jarring and crushing EP.

The EP-closer to a single in nature-is composed of two songs serving as debut for the band whose focus is that of oblivion and obsolescence; "Void of Derision" is the first of the two tracks which opens with a dissonant riff that repeats itself throughout the entirety of the song. The air of death and disdain permeates throughout the track, highlighted by the juxtaposing dynamics and eerie dynamics within the break and overall jarring tones found throughout the track. The title track, "Eternalized In Rot," segues from the feedback of its predecessor and plays on the conception of noise as each riff is a pure deluge of sound and aggression.

The instruments which make up Eternalized In Rot are that of a visceral and exacting nature whose drive is to convey the themes of oblivion and desperation, of which they excel without hindrance. The guitars are a brutal and guttural beast whose sound and tone lean towards the lines of viscous and malignant that which confers the semblance of bleak malice. The bass is buried deep within the soundscape feeling more as a force rather than a full fledged instrument, however it does provide the bottom-end substance which otherwise would be limited to just the kick. The drums are session wrought, but manage to meld together all the individual pieces into a whole and eldritch soundscape. Lastly, the vocals are the articles of terror as theirs is focused on something of a primal and cathartic delivery forgoing any semblance of melody.

WRITHING's debut is a taste and a tease for what one can only hope to be something grand to come. Anyone a fan of Death Metal would most likely find interest within the band and connect with their bouts of aggression.

7 / 10









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"Eternalized In Rot" Track-listing:

1. Void Of Derision
2. Eternalized In Rot

Writhing Lineup:

Jackson Smith - Bass
Joel Gregory - Guitars
Pat James - Vocals

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