Balance Of Terror

Wrecking Crew

The name WRECKING CREW should be well known to many people out there. This Hardcore […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
December 16, 2006
Wrecking Crew - Balance Of Terror album cover

The name WRECKING CREW should be well known to many people out there. This Hardcore band has this cult aura surrounding it. Just smell the old school attitude that overflows from this CD. Ah, those good times when everything in this scene was about pride and respect! Wear your boots, your jacket with the band patches and follow me to the world of old school Hardcore, a world that knows no law!
WRECKING CREW's Balance Of Terror was originally released in 1989 by Hawker Records, so as you can easily understand, we have to deal with a re-release here. Since I didn't manage to find any bio stuff about this band (when they were formed etc.), I will just go on with this review.
WRECKING crew is the classic, old school band that is characterized by its passion. In Balance Of Terror, WRECKING CREW deliver a pure and honest album of Punk/Hardcore/Crossover music that will blow your brains on the wall, if you haven't already listened to it. You see, it is not accidental that you can see this band's members wearing CRO-MAGS and AGNOSTIC FRONT t-shirts in the booklet's photos! Their music is influenced by bands like the above mentioned as well as D.R.I. style Crossover outbreaks. The production is nothing special but that's what always made Punk/Hardcore so passionate and honest music. Heavy guitars combined with a solid and groovy rhythm section create the best base for Glenn to unfold his thunderous vocal skills! It has been a long time since I listened to an album that comes straight from the heart. You'll say it is a re-release that dates back to 1989. So? I will just say that sometimes I wonder where has the true Hardcore spirit gone... There are also two bonus tracks that make this re-release more interesting for many people out there.
Not a CD that will enter your top 10 favorites, but an album that will accompany your CD player for a long time. Hardcore fans, go get it! The rest of you, stay away form it! As WRECKING CREW say: I can see straight through. Who's that person, could it be you?

7 / 10


"Balance Of Terror" Track-listing:

Out Of Touch
Always Talk
Guts & Glory
Straight Through
Right Or Wrong/Nothing For Me
Too Late
Why Must They
Balance Of Terror
Old Enough
In Your Head
Holding Back
What Can I Do
My Mind's Diseased*
*bonus tracks

Wrecking Crew Lineup:

Glenn - Vocals
Keith - Bass
Ralph - Guitar
John - Guitar
Taras - Drums

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