Powers That Be


The tidings of Thrash Metal are of an unforgettable repute, the rawness, aggression, and pure […]
By Quinten Serna
October 14, 2020
Wreck-Defy - Powers That Be album cover

The tidings of Thrash Metal are of an unforgettable repute, the rawness, aggression, and pure energy are all themselves motifs of the genre which do more than just define attributes of the music, but as well captivate those that listen. The sheer cathartic integrity of WRECK-DEFY cannot be understated and "Powers That Be" now serves as proof of such.

The album begins with the track aptly named "Beyond H8" which bears one of the most powerful openings I've heard on a Thrash album in recent memory containing both the band in full swing, a focus on the rhythm guitar segueing a change in dynamic, and an inspiring sample intermixed within the progression. "Powers That Be" sets in motion a hastened track provoking headbanging near to the song's beginning yet shifts its rhythm drastically to a slower progression and beat, foreshadowing the dynamic between stark juxtaposition between verse and chorus. "Space Urchin" is built on a more distinct Heavy Metal type of sound from the progression of strings over drums to the intensity of the vocals and harmonies therein. "Scumlord" changes the formula bringing in a slow introduction which utilizes the entirety of the band to build up the rest of the song relying on minimalism and accentuations to prelude the track. "On The Other Side" once more changes the timbre of the music and serves as an outro for the album, the striking dissimilarities between this track and its predecessors are innumerable and knowing serving as an odd and ostentatious dismissal of the music which, in turn, makes it stand out.

The instrumentation of the album is powerful and full-the drums are heavy hitting and nearly in your face at all times, yet sit seemly with the strings; the guitars shift between lead progressions and palm-muted rhythms at the drop of a pin giving credence to the MATT's writing abilities; the bass has itself a classic heavy distorted sound both providing the foundation for the rest of the band and standing out in great distinction; and lastly the vocals find their voice with in great track with great ease never sounding out of place or forced.

"Powers That Be" is a surprising collection of music featuring heavy dynamics in reference to intensity and overall build of the tracks. Every so often the verses fall into a routine of sameness however the range of tracks makes this less noticeable. This album would sit perfect on the shelf of anyone partial or wholly invested in Thrash Metal.

7 / 10









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"Powers That Be" Track-listing:

1. Beyond H8
2. Powers That Be
3. Skin
4. Drowning In Darkness
5. Space Urchin
6. Scumlord
7. Freedomless Speech
8. Goodbye To Misery
9. I Am The Wolf
10. On The Other Side

Wreck-Defy Lineup:

Greg Christian - Bass
Alex Marquez - Drums
Matt Hanchuck - Guitars
Aaron Randall - Vocals

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