Becoming Nil


Some serious depth and nuance going on here with tightly executed, well written material.
January 8, 2024

One of the best metal combinations on order today is Black and Thrash. I’m tempted to say WRATHEON is one of best, but with only one EP, “Black Thrash Mass” (2021), and having just released their debut full-length, “Becoming Nil,” in October 2023 they have some distance to go to prove themselves. But they are well on the way.

I’m not sure when the band formed, but at the time of their 2021 EP they were a one-man outfit—David Foster. Since that time David has been joined by Natelee Algozino on guitars, Lilian Wong on bass, and Tulio Salvatierra on. Some cool things about this new, more filled out WRATHEON: First, they mix is up. Sure, you get the viscera of Thrash and the tremolo of SW Black, but you also get doses of Melodic and even some Doom. This makes for some unexpected twists and turns throughout the album. Very compelling. Second, the production values successfully balance lo-fi analog with surprising depth and texture. It says raw but also refined. Third, this isn’t just death and violence. Behind the corpse paint and blackened riffs, the band has something to say about the disenfranchised and the power of the outsiders.

There are several great tracks and zero rejects. “We’re All Fallen” is at the top. There is a reason the band selected this track for the first video. Iconic, triumphant track reminiscent of SATYRICON. Next up on my list is “The Descent” with its inflections of Doom and soul-wrenching strains. When we score “memorable” on the rankings below, it’s for tracks like this that just follow you into the lonely hours. I also really enjoyed “Bathory” for its death march assault. Not a cover, in case you were wondering. Love the brutality of this track. Lilian’s bass work will rattle your molars and I love the times when Tulio breaks rein and just fucking runs. Solid mosh material, this one.

Becoming Nil” caught me by surprise. Nothing too innovative but WRATHEON gets back to the essence of two great traditions: Black and Thrash. Not your typical two-dimensional Black Metal band. Some serious depth and nuance going on here with tightly executed, well written material. Very curious where this project will take us next.


8 / 10









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"Becoming Nil" Track-listing:

1. Annihilation

2. The Horde  

3. Set Your Body Ablaze

4. We're All Fallen      

5. Dragged into the Light       

6. Bathory

7.  In Late October

8. The Descent           

9. A New Dawn          

10. Becoming Nil


Wratheon Lineup:

Lillian Wong – Bass

Tulio Salvatierra – Drums

Wratheon (David Foster) – Vocals, guitars

Natalee Algozino – Guitars


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