Revelry (In Our Arms)

Woven Man

Well, since there was no webpage for the band, and no information on their Facebook […]
February 19, 2019
Woven Man - Revelry (In Our Arms) album cover

Well, since there was no webpage for the band, and no information on their Facebook page, we're going to have to go with this being a relatively unknown and new band out there. As far as I can tell, they are a five piece band. The only thing they describe themselves as is "low driven heavy Rock with elements of Doom/Sludge/Stoner/Space Rock." This five-track EP is what we have for review here.

"Calling Down the Leaves" opens with soft banjo notes and the feeling that you are headed deep into the woods of West Virginia. When the main riff drops, it is heavy, fuzzy and weighted, but the harmonic vocals give it some melody, in a KING'S X sort of way. It's FIREBALL MINISTRY meets KING'S X. The guitar solo is well done and I am enjoying the ride so far. "I Am Mountain" opens with some slow bass guitar work and then clean-ish male vocals and a dragging riff to boot. It lashes out in anger every now and again, with some doses of wah-wah in the guitar solo. The bass and guitar work very well together here, sometimes playing in union while other times in support of each other. "Maker & Mark" opens with soft clean guitar notes and the feeling of something just around the bend. When the main riff drops, it's a bit of LED ZEPPELIN meets BLACK SABBATH. The vocals have an edge to them while the riff sticks to your ribs.

"Of Sky and Land" opens with a little more pace than the previous track, with one guitar dancing over the other, and then settles into a mid-tempo groove of down and dirty riffage. This time, the vocals are harsh and angry. At times the clean vocals seem to hypnotize you like you just took some Kentucky ayahuasca and are ready for a trip to the outer recesses of your mind. "With Willow" closes the album with a faster moving riff and angry clean-ish vocals. He is right on the edge here between harsh and clean vocals. The song is low and deep, filling the caves beneath the earth with its thick slab of ooze.

Overall, I find the album exactly as described. It wasn't overly exciting, but that's not the style. It's "low driven Hard Rock with elements of Doom, Sludge and a bit of Stoner Rock," with some variations in both the music and the vocals to keep things fresh. It was pretty interesting in the end with some twists here and there as well.

7 / 10









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"Revelry (In Our Arms)" Track-listing:

1. Calling Down the Leaves
2. I Am Mountain
3. Maker & Mark
4. Of Sky and Land
5. With Willow

Woven Man Lineup:


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