Light In The Wire


WORSHIPPER call Allston Rock City, MA home, and dammit, that somehow seems like an appropriate […]
By Dave Nowels
June 25, 2019
Worshipper - Light In The Wire album cover

WORSHIPPER call Allston Rock City, MA home, and dammit, that somehow seems like an appropriate place for this four piece band to call home. These guys cover A LOT of ground with their sound, and while that's mostly a good thing, well, it also creates a bit of listener confusion. At least it did for me. The band's Facebook page describes their genre as, "Metal, Heavy Rock, Rock, Stoner, & Riffs." All well and good, and actually pretty spot on.

The band's bio goes on to say: Creeping up from the North, Boston's WORSHIPPER is a dark new voice in heavy music. Drawing comparisons to such luminaries as DIO-era BLACK SABBATH, UFO, and classic-era SCORPIONS, WORSHIPPER create something new and epic from the echoes of the past. Through their unique mix of contemporary and classic influences, WORSHIPPER prove that the soul of melodic heavy music still burns brightly.

Yep. No arguments from me. That's a damn fine description for the music I'm listening too on this review copy of "Light In The Wire", which is the band's third release. Yet, that's also where a few distractions manifested for me as well.  Before I dive into some particulars, I want to make something very clear. I really liked this album. A lot. I just think some things could have made it even better. So here goes.....

The release opens with "Coming Through", and immediately it does call to mind good Metal & Heavy Rock. Melodic, classic-era stuff indeed. The same thing continues with the next couple of tracks, "Who Holds The Light?" and "Nobody Else". The comparisons to UFO and the SCORPIONS really jump out here, but there's something underlying that I just haven't been able to put my finger on yet, and it's leaving me perplexed and a little distracted.  With "Visions From Beyond", it begins to dawn on me, that the album seems to have taken a dramatic turn. The more contemporary feel roars in. That DIO-era SABBATH feel meets TOOL. And there it is....these boys have a bit of Prog hidden here and there.

That feel continues through the conclusion of the album, and honestly I really preferred the second half much more than the first, with "Visions From Beyond", "Wither On The Vine" and "Arise" being my standout tracks. There lies my only real issue with "Light In The Wire"; it feels like two separate albums. None of it bad at all, just different, an oil & water mixture that just didn't congeal properly. Truthfully. Every other aspect of this release is golden. Great musicianship and presentation. Strong lyrics and composition. Good overall production. It's really good, it just seems like two different albums. So yeah, consider me really intrigued by WORSHIPPER. I'll definitely be backtracking into their catalog and seeing what else they're all about.

8 / 10









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"Light In The Wire" Track-listing:

1. Coming Through
2. Who Holds The Light?
3. Nobody Else
4. Light In The Wires
5. Visions From Beyond
6. It All Comes Back
7. Wither On The Vine
8. Arise

Worshipper Lineup:

John Brookhouse - Vocals & guitars
Dave Jarvis - Drums
Bob Maloney - Bass & vocals
Alejandro Necochea - Guitars 

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