The Cold Light of Monday


Wolverine is another band I found at but my attempts to order them, until […]
By Amy La Salla
March 20, 2005
Wolverine - The Cold Light of Monday album cover

Wolverine is another band I found at but my attempts to order them, until recently, always ended in the company sending me my alternate order. When I first heard them, Wolverine were a Death Metal influenced Progressive Metal band. They have changed much since then, some good and some bad. On The Cold Light Of Monday, they have almost left behind their growling tendency, merely using it to punctuate their music.
The music on this album has a contemporary gone awry feel to it, alternating between an oddly soothing and slightly disturbing vibe. This works for them most of the time but sometimes I find it a bit much. The singer has a nice voice and the guitarist is good. About half of the songs on The Cold Light of Monday are Metal and the other rest are atmospheric tracks. The Cold Light Of Monday is a Rock opera about a dysfunctional young woman and her relationships, which is part of what makes the contemporary sound work for them. I can see how they progressed her from The Window Purpose but I do not like it as well.
Dawn, Sarah, Trust and Red Canvas are the contemporary vibed songs. Dawn is soft and mournful, Sarah has a slightly more disturbing vibe then the rest of the song, Trust has a particularly
good solo for TCLOM but is mostly keyboard driven and Red Canvas is the most experimental of the contemporary songs.
New Best Friend, Carousel, Pantomime, Dusk, Tied With Sin and The Final Redemption are the metallic songs on The Cold Light Of Monday. The Final Redemption is my favorite. It is eerie, aggressive and very sad. New Best Friend is my 2nd favorite on this album. Carousel is my 3rd favorite, the vocalist does a particularly good job on it. Dusk is a mostly instrumental song and is heavy and ominous. Tied With Sin is good, heavy and melodic.
The Cold Light Of Monday is a worthwhile effort but not one that will revolutionize the Metal world. I would have liked to see some more heavy songs, perhaps for next time.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"The Cold Light of Monday" Track-listing:

New best friends
Red Canvas
Tied With Sin
The Final Redemption

Wolverine Lineup:

Andreas Baglien - Keyboards
Per Broddesson - Guitars
Thomas Jansson - Bass & Double Bass
Marcus Losbjer - Drums, Percussion, Growls & Programming
Mikael Zell - Guitars
Stefan Zell - Lead vocals & Additional Vocals

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