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July 20, 2010
Wolfcry - Glorious album cover

WOLFCRY is band that went quite through various ordeals in order to start their album-releasing mode. In 2001, their dry time ended as they released their first album "Power Within". Since the very beginning they attempted to make their Metal sound classic and right to the point, and so they did and followed their mojo to the present. After five years of waiting since their last album, "Warfair", they came up with a new album - "Glorious". The album was released under the band's new label, Apollon Records (on the division of Painkiller Records).

The band's music is highly influenced by the 80's and it is not too difficult to hear that. Even their sound production sounds very familiar to better times. The man that made sure of that, besides the band's request, is the known Tommy Hansen (also the running man of several of acts as HELLOWEEN, IRON FIRE, PRETTY MAIDS and others). Tommy, as always, did a wonderful job on these guys. With Tommy's brilliance, the band produced some nice Heavy / Power tracks filled with lots of nostalgic moments. The mixture of Euro and American classic Metal of theirs is relatively compelling.

Even so, I have to say that I did not find WOLFCRY's release a super release. Even so, they did make a good job. Their music is easy, good Metal for the ears, strong rhythms (especially on the band's flag track "Vile Mind"). However, there is some sort of a lack of energy and a sense of tiredness on some of the songs. Gladly, they did make the fine line between Heavy and Power Metal. On most of the album it's the American way without too much help from the European counterpart. Yet, it does not matter, because their tracks are going to both directions, for the better and less than that.

Overall, I like this release; it has some epical moments, which are quite good. Furthermore, the players share great abilities on their instruments. On the other hand, on the creative side, they chose to make their way easy and safe. On some cases I would have agreed with them because doing too much complex stuff might hurt in the end or in due process. "Glorious" to me is a very nice album and I took notice of some good tracks as "The Golden Era", "Face The Fear", "Payback Time", and "Consequence Of Ignorance".

If you are a fan of classic Metal, check out this band. "Glorious" is a show of the safest way to make good Metal music without modern trends. This is the true form of this type of music, let it in through your ears. IRON MAIDEN, GAMMA RAY, IRON SAVIOR, old HELLOWEEN fans will dig this one. Take it the Greek way.

7 / 10


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"Glorious" Track-listing:
  1. God Of Deception
  2. Fadin' Visions
  3. Holocaust Of Nothing
  4. Consequence Of Ignorance
  5. The Golden Era
  6. Payback Time
  7. Vile Mind
  8. Face The Fear
  9. I, The Sinner
Wolfcry Lineup:

Costas Hatzigeorgiou - Vocals

Elias Koskoris - Guitar
Nikos Hortis - Bass
Andreas "The Wizard" Kourtidis - Drums
Nick "Peper" Zanninello - Keyboards

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