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WOLFBASTARD are a black/crust metal trio from Manchester in England, UK, they were described as […]
March 22, 2022
Wolfbastard - Hammer The Bastards album cover

WOLFBASTARD are a black/crust metal trio from Manchester in England, UK, they were described as 'a living nightmare of primitive savagery, drunken belligerence and unadulterated speed'. They were even referred to as the deformed abandoned offspring of VENOM, MOTORHEAD, DARKTHRONE and DISCHARGE on a mission to destroy. The trio features two members of the band BURIAL and one of those members was also from FOETAL JUICE; there is vocalist/guitarist DEZ, bassist SI FOX and drummer DAVE BUCHAN coming together in 2012.

The band began their journey with their first demo release in 2014 titled DEMO MMXIII featuring 9 tracks where the songs are named with roman numerals from 1 to 9. Their debut self-titled album WOLFBASTARD was released in 2015 which included 12 tracks, this was followed by GRAVEYARD SESSIONS in 2018. Their second album consisted of 13 tracks and now their most recent release HAMMER THE BASTARDS in their usual black/crust metal style they have been well known for now. The album opens with a guitar ring before vocals shriek beyond comprehension in the introductory track titled "Can't Escape The Grave" as well as racing guitar pulses. Drumming becomes the centre of all attention and brings almost a thrash type of rhythm as cymbals sneak in towards the end. "Black Friday" with subtle cursing and then thunderous drumming as the guitar is layered on top of everything else in this track. "Hammer The Bastards" with so much vocal projection and bursts of guitar spike.

There is also voice over as the narrative where there are mentions or religious references or blasphemy but it is all spoken subtly like a silent prayer would be said. Then the galloping combination of guitar, bass and drums together with insinuating vocals which are vile and have a nasty bite. So much soloistic misbehaviour as we enter the fourth track. "Buckfast Blasphemies" is somewhat similar enough to the previous track but vocals are more excessive and devastating. The fifth track "Death Creeping In" comes with a bass heavy intro before madness ensues like a wild animal knocking on the door and charging through with almighty power or vengeance. "Drag Me To Hell" which is another bass intro then beefy bombastic bonding of all instruments with more cymbal hits then before. "Fear The Exxxekutioner" riding through the storm as before as drums stampede through the sound field with some melodic guitar but still continuing the discord.

"Morbid Fucking Hell" with bass counting in the drums before prolonged vocal spit and as vocals become aggressive, guitar marries with drums to stamp their authority. Drums take a sort of thrash transition to bridge the next track which is "Returning Evil" becomes more creative in the drum patterns, vocals relish the evil, occultic taste as guitar blends all instruments with bass guitar. "Pissing On Sacred Ground" is where drums kick in and vocals support the climatic trend of daring black metal topped off with sustained vocals, yet the rhythm is deadly as ever.

"When Will It End" keeps the consistency and continuity strong as momentum remains as before which is symbolised by the raging guitar and earth-shattering drums. Now onto the final track which is "Graveyard Slag" is the adjective perhaps for a woman in the more negative and patronising point of view. Guitar shrieks but there is actual screaming from voices of a woman and then a cry of something more sinister. As the album closes, it certainly gives me hints of MOTORHEAD and maybe BLACK SABBATH but the speed or precision of a typical thrash band yet vocal tuition of a black metal band like VENOM.

I feel there is a lot of vengeful fury of guitar and drums yet maybe a bit too monotonous perhaps a change in rhythm however the tone was very well executed especially when it is a mix of black metal with crust metal, two mixtures I never often hear. But I would certainly recommend this band and it will be interesting to hear another album in the not too distant future.

7 / 10









"Hammer The Bastards" Track-listing:

1. Can't Escape The Grave
2. Black Friday
3. Hammer The Bastards
4. Buckfast Blasphemies
5. Death Creeping In
6. Drag Me To Hell
7. Fear The Exxxekutioner
8. Morbid Fucking Hell
9. Nun Krüsher
10. Returning Evil
11. Pissing On The Sacred Ground
12. When Will It End
13. Graveyard Slag

Wolfbastard Lineup:

Derek "Dez" Carley - Vocals + Guitars
Simon "Si Fox" Fox - Bass Guitar
Dave Buchan - Drums

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