Echoes Of The Second Sun

Wolf Prayer

WOLF PRAYER are a young German band plying their innovative talents upon a crowded Desert/Stoner […]
By Dave Nowels
July 30, 2019
Wolf Prayer - Echoes Of The Second Sun album cover

WOLF PRAYER are a young German band plying their innovative talents upon a crowded Desert/Stoner scene. A trio (like all fine Stoner-themed bands), these young men have just released their debut, "Echoes Of The Second Sun" via Barhill Records. Things break out with, "Average Man", executing some throbbing fuzz, before Jan's guitar establishes a driving riff, as the drums of Matthias and Tim's bass congeal into the bad-ass power trio these guys are. What's exciting, is that each instrument is heavy in the mix and distinguishable. Particularly the bass, which deals out some superb runs.  The closing keys (Moog?) add a nice ZEPPELIN-esque feel.

Interestingly enough, I hear a lot of influences at work throughout the next few songs, "According To The Rule", and "Desert". I dare say, there's a bit of NIRVANA and other post-Punk/Grunge influences, though they're never overbearing, and remains more a subtle hint. "Desert" is pure well, Desert/Stoner rock, and great usage of vocal reverb. It's really a intriguing pair of songs, though I must admit I thought the vocal mix in "According To The Rule" was less than ideal, but it's my only real complaint of the album.  "Shapeshifter" is pure heavy goodness, and "New Morning's" keyboard work, while it's not credited, is a key element of the song, and is exactly the type of creativeness that distinguishes WOLF PRAYER from the congealed masses striving for notoriety.  And, that loopy fuzz and humor at the tracks end just solidifies it. Easily a favorite track. "Like A Fool's" bass opening lines really do a good job contextualizing the keys and guitar, setting the stage for an epic riff run.

"Strings Like A Puppet" guitar initially hints at a bit of a SABBATH vibe, but quickly disrupts that notion by re-visiting the post-Punk feel represented earlier in the album. The album closes out with the slow building, but epic (despite it's 6:22 length) of "Feed My Brain". This closing track does a great job of showcasing each player, and ultimately give what I think is the best representation of what WOLF PRAYER is all about. In a genre that's already crowded, and seemingly growing daily, it's important for a band to find some significant foothold to climb above the quantity (and  mediocrity) that floods the genre. I think they've done just that, and while there's still a long climb ahead of them, they should certainly hold their heads high and gaze upon those below with some earned smugness.

7 / 10









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"Echoes Of The Second Sun" Track-listing:

1. Average Man
2. According To The Rule
3. Desert
4. Shapeshifter
5. New Morning
6. Like A Fool
7. Strings Like A Puppet
8. Feed My Brain

Wolf Prayer Lineup:

Jan - Vocals, Guitar
Matthias - Drums
Tim - Bass

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